Training Update

There’s a tiny voice inside me still not believing my fall marathon will actually happen. Nearly every week, I see reports of more races being cancelled. However, instead of letting that voice take over, I continue to train and follow my plan. Except for that one time a few weeks ago. Struggle city.

Keep reminding myself

Currently, I weigh about 150 lbs. Never thought I’d disclose that outside of a doctor’s office. You see, I struggle with my weight; not on the heavy side but on the lower side. When I don’t like what the scale says, I just stop eating completely…so I’m having a tough time accepting this number because it’s only 10 lbs less than what I weighed when I gave birth. My mind tells me well if you’re not creating a human right now then why does the scale think you are?

The easy answer is I’m strength training consistently 5 days a week. Muscle weighs more than fat. Behind-the-scenes there’s a lot going on. Typically during a training cycle I quit lifting – usually because I don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to it, as well as my own personal belief that if you weigh less, it’s easier to run. I honestly don’t know the truth about it. Now I have time to do both. The only workouts I don’t do are lower body because I intend to keep my legs as fresh as possible. Soccer body.

I know as my runs get longer, faster, and harder my weight will find a new norm. And I will embrace it as best I can. Seeing as how I’ve never been able (or willing) to accommodate both types of training during a run cycle, there’s much to learn. Short of giving up on strength training to change a number on the scale, what could this really serve? Probably nothing.

all the Navy references

I certainly don’t look like I’m any amount of time from expelling a human from my body (unless I eat a whole cake) so I’m good there! I quite like the easy way those dumbbells move overhead. My run pace is still on par with last cycle’s paces. And there’s still room in my day for cookies. Let this be a lesson in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


I ask you –

50/50 on the fall marathon chances? Or less?

Where did the term “food baby” originate?

Personal motto: “If I can’t fix it, I’ll break it!”

Fickle Life

Literally nothing but net

I didn’t realize how short this post was until I got ready to publish. As much as I debated on editing this to make it longer, nothing came of it. Better luck next time.

Bad news. The mud volleyball tournament is cancelled. Well, rescheduled to Labor Day. Still gonna be hot so what’s the difference haha I was disappointed for a minute, then I remembered this past weekend’s long run went to hell within 2 miles so now I need to ensure the next long run doesn’t do the same. And if I was playing volleyball all day the chances of running anywhere except to get snow cones was nothing short of nada. It works out.

I’m just filling the time with activities until my mini comes back from her Tennessean summer with her dad. Typically we alternate months but after the stay at home order radically changed our plans we had to make up for it on the back end. Happy to report she’s healthy, happy, and spoiled. And she’ll be home in a few weeks, just in time for vacation!

Physiology, not pictured

PSA. Did you know the average person can’t answer 5 random questions on 5th grade anatomy? I made up the stat; thought I’d join the club. Seems par for the course lately. But this is clearly true because the amount of people who don’t know the nose and mouth are connected is staggering. Otherwise why would their mask be covering the latter and not the former?

Stay tuned for a post on things that annoy me, currently in development.


I ask you –

Name your favorite flavor of snow cone! Dragon’s blood, I think.

Submit your thoughts on things that annoy you so I don’t sound like a complete ogre when I make my own list.

Should I go play volleyball by myself this weekend or run? Don’t answer that, I’m easily swayed.

Is there space for this?

Pick a type, any type

Sometimes I have an overwhelming need to be in charge of things. And then I remember the freedom that comes from not being a decision maker. Personality flaw. Freedom from deep responsibility vs the notion if you want something done right, do it yourself!

In this case, the natural tendency to bark orders comes honestly, as we’ve discussed at length before. It’s a trait of the Type A’s. I excel at this. But more important than giving orders is the requirement to sit my bossy self down when it’s not my turn. Therein lies the problem.

I just can’t do it! Pre-dating the popular phrase “see something, say something” this is still my motto. Thankfully I’m now in a workplace where I don’t feel relegated to a corner, instructed to keep my mouth shut. In all fairness, this was a military-related issue, not a civilian workforce issue. On the opposing team, there are those happy to be told the who/what/when/where of life. Envious at best. Why can’t I be one of them?

Well, in a way, I’m forced to be such. No longer a boss yet able to make standalone decisions that impact others is a happy medium. A compromise, if you will. Though never intended it does give the day a certain amount of balance. And you know how much I love that word. I can easily defer to the decision makers… or wing it. If you can imagine a wild, sneaky smile, then you are accurately envisioning my face. I wholeheartedly believe in my uncanny ability to successfully wing it!

Winging it all the way

So I guess I really don’t do well with bowing out of orders. Big surprise. Good thing I share these thoughts with you all. Maybe it will help one person. If not, you know where to go when it’s time to get s**t done!


I ask you –

Is it possible to experience the best of both worlds?

Should I stop winging it? Surely not. It’s going so well!

It’s not lost on me the symbolism of my catch phrase and the entity I work for. Get it, get it!