Things I Want to Do

My co-worker who hails from the great state of Oregon (according to her it’s a dumpster fire, but I’m trying to be positive) told me about the Multnomah Falls which is conveniently located less than 2 hours from Portland which is conveniently where my childhood best friend (you remember, Morgan from Oregon) lives. Anyway, she said it was gorgeous and I should visit. After perusing the photos online, I agree. Time to travel!

Also, there’s a diamond-mining quarry in Arkansas called the Crater of Diamonds State Park which is conveniently located less than an hour from where we usually do the great parent switcharoo. I know nothing about mining but think it could be fun! Especially if I discovered a huge gem! This isn’t really….well, not at all…a summertime activity. Maybe mid-winter instead.

Forgot to mention before these amazing cookies I found at Walmart of all places. I’ve never had good luck when purchasing cookies. My streak has ended!

They were so good I forgot to take photos until after I’d eaten 3 in about 2 minutes. If that. The coconut with the oats and pecans and chocolate chips, oh my gosh. And they were soft – I was very surprised because usually pre-packaged cookies are crunchy and I don’t love it.

Funny story: when I worked in Oklahoma at Anytime Fitness, my members knew my love for cookies and would bring them to me when they came to workout. I’d go through boxes a day. It’s all I ate. Surely it wasn’t the best image of a gym manager, but the joke was if I continued to politely offer them to members, then it was job security.

My self-discipline is the only real dumpster fire here.


I ask you –

What other amazing places should be added to my travel list?

Have you been to either of the two I mentioned here?

Preference: chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies?

Cake, Cake, Cake!

My new phone screen! Sometimes we just need a reminder. And a little smile. Amazing what one small change can do to perk us up in this rather dismal world. Not always dismal. Just don’t watch the news.

I read a great quote: don’t mistake my free time for being available. Or something like that. You get the point, right? As a mom, human, type-A personality, it’s easy for me to fall into the trap of fully completing my calendar then dreading all the things I now have to do. Really, I think this is the norm. There lies an expectation to constantly be doing, going, succeeding, moving forward lest we be considered lazy, inconsiderate, sloth-like.

As I mentioned before in this POST, prioritizing what we want and need sometimes means saying no. Haha easier said than done.

Credit via Instagram

Cake reminded me of a few things. Specifically how the Navy has cake for literally every event. Change of command – let’s have cake. Promotion ceremony – the CS’s bake a cake. Suicide awareness month – we’re having cake. Cake makes everything better. Even suicide? Come on. (I am absolutely not making light of very real issues; I am making light of the preponderance of cake available at events dealing with personal trauma.)

As for priorities, sometimes balance is the goal. Other times, we eat cake until we’re stuffed and regret the decision dearly. I can’t be talking only to myself.


I ask you-

When was the last time you changed your phone background?

If you had to choose only one, would you pick cookies, cake, or ice cream? This is hard for me because I adore ice cream, but I think I would have to pick cookies haha

Tell me what balance looks like for you! A cookie in each hand!


I get a small, evil thrill out of watching drivers run a red light or pass me then catching them at the next light or stop sign. You dumdum.

my nice face

Radio story: a man was reported missing 12 hours after he was last seen getting drunk in a bar and walking into the woods. Several hours into a search party looking for him, he notices people walking around the woods and decides to help search. He doesn’t realize they’re looking for him until they began to call his name. Then he says “It’s me!” More time passes before someone in the search party can accurately identify him.

Moral of the story: if something terrible happens to me, please include several people in each search party who can identify me before I’ve spent hours searching for myself! P.S. this happened in Sweden or Denmark or somewhere nowhere near me.

Texas is still very confused about its climate. Typical. We went from solid upper 80 daytime temps to low 50 nighttime temps. Beautiful! AND THEN… someone opened up the sun to full blast again and we nearly had a new record 100° day. At the time of this writing, I don’t know if we broke a record or not. Nonetheless, it was so hot and miserable and I was dreaming of cooler days.

Impatiently waiting. Still.


I ask you –

What’s your evil thrill point?

Have you ever been missing?

Humor me: tell me the average daytime highs where you are right now!

Gen Y’ers

Bear Grylls writes, ‘People tend to think that they have to be funny, witty or incisive on stage. You don’t. You just have to be honest. If you can be intimate and give the inside story – emotions, doubts, struggles, fears, the lot – then people will respond.’

I encounter all kinds of people in my daily tasks. Occasionally, I’m mildly surprised at the level of WTF. Specifically, I question the abilities of some who, in their position, make important decisions. Yet their crayon box is missing all the primary colors which pretty much results in weird staring contests and mumbled four-letter words.

“We don’t really consider our strengths as places where we can fall short and miss the mark.” Commonly referred to as unguarded strengths, when left to our own devices, strengths can become a double-edged sword. It’s like being in our own way. Can you imagine how much we’d get done if only we stepped out of the way of ourselves! Our overthinking, anxiety-ridden, messy selves. Just me? Never!

My circle of ministering has expanded rapidly; I’ve been extremely blessed. Many of my conversations revolve around the phrase “Get out of His way.” His work in my life is both tangible and spiritual and I wonder if it was me getting in the way of the plans for me that thwarted bigger steps along the way. Fairly positive. But those Gen Y traits rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune times, then I’m off to the races of dismissal again. Although not listed in the first photo on this blog post, Gen Y might possibly have been the years of a marked increase in institutionalism. I should research this. Just something to consider… However, our strengths – the double-edged sword they are – could be in response to the 80% doing 20% of the work. I sure don’t see the 20% doing 80% of the work over here with extra time telling me about MY crayon box.


I ask you –

Are you a 12, 24, or 48 box of crayons?

What generation do you identify with if not the Gen Y’ers?

Tell me if you’re the 20% or the 80%! Be honest with yourself!

For Real?

Like… really? Title in progress.

I love blogging. Really, I do. And I love reading other blogs. Yeppers! But the ones who spend 6 paragraphs detailing the “best holiday desserts” and have the outright gall – that’s French for cajones – to include a recipe for Poached Pears is out of their mind. WHO eats poached pears? Nevermind…what is a poached pear? And for the holidays? No!

Fall is finally upon us. Admittedly I cried when I woke up the first day, remembered it was a Wednesday, and realized I don’t run on Wednesdays. Not all Wednesdays, just currently. I should have changed my training schedule, but I had a doctor’s appointment that day. At least it seems the 50s are here to stay through the overnight hours.

Speaking of doctors, the nurse quietly asked me if I was still breastfeeding. Mind you, we’d already discussed I had a 5 yr old. Way to go! – to the women still nursing five years later. However, I’m not one of them. Are you for real? – to the timid nurse at the VA. Glad she took my blood pressure before the interrogation.

My how time flies when you’re getting old and don’t remember when you graduated.

The last time I saw this stage was 2011 when I graduated from Wayland Baptist University with a Master’s degree. P.S. my phone changed “graduated” to some weird combination of those letters that made no sense and I considered leaving it like that.

For real? Yes, it sounds about right.


I ask you –

Is the phrase ‘for real’ too casual for professional conversation?

How often a day do you use this phrase?

Tell me your best ARE YOU FOR REAL? story!

Forward, March!

Remember my Tipping Point post some time ago? Well, there’s even more tipping to share!

After an interview process (yes, seriously), I was accepted as a My Favorite Run brand ambassador. There are some exciting things happening soon with My Favorite Run so standby for big reveals. Whoohoo!! I’ve been keeping up with the happenings at My Favorite Run for awhile, so when opportunity knocked…you know the rest.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is a shorter post because what I originally had planned to post had some hiccups and I was left scrambling on a Sunday afternoon nearing 3pm with no backup plan for Monday. Beyond irritating, it’s concerning because I feel like it might be a precursor to a bigger issue. More things outside of my control. I shall let go. There’s no photos to include in this brief post either. Hope you all can read!

In keeping with the title, I was privy to an awkward silence when, in front of a group of children playing Simon Says, they were instructed to “come to attention” which I seamlessly executed while all the children began to salute. Some were more Hitler-style than others, but that’s a different conversation. They thought I was in the wrong. Little did they know…

Lastly, my terrible funeral and death humor history made an appearance, when my supervisor shared his upcoming career plans. He recently buried his father in law and the grief was still very fresh. Upon his professional sharing, I asked, “So that’s the drop dead date?” Oh, Kel, why. As I painfully laughed and stammered my apologies at being incredibly insensitive, he laughed and stated he knew what I meant, it was ok. If only he knew how often this happens to me.

I give up.


I ask you –

Do you remember Simon Says? What was your favorite childhood game?

Any advice for a change in leadership?

Describe a time you put your foot in your mouth!

Humor Knows No Bounds + Tetris Master?

The adventures in Bonnywood Manor are some of my favorites to read. Brian’s humor is the best!

In keeping with more office-themed things, here’s a few nuggets: my title should be changed to calendar girl. But not the sexy, mildly inappropriate calendar girl you may have immediately been considering. More like I play Tetris with calendars and am on standby for changes at a moment’s notice. In fact, a wonderful co-worker called me with these words – “Let’s play a game!” – which really wasn’t a fun game at all because it involved moving around days’ worth of events to accommodate some last minute silliness. Good thing I love her.

She said “Can I take my own picture?”

Also, as the reigning queen of dad jokes, it’s my sworn duty to entertain strangers with punny, simple jokes. To my own delight, of course. I feel like our security team draws straws on who has to deal with me when my car rounds the bend. I’m on the “do not engage” list. Occasionally they laugh with me (at me?) and I congratulate myself on a job well done. I’ll be here all week, folks!

Hallelujah for the return of football

Lastly, soon they’ll be requiring IQ tests in my workplace. Hahah, I wish. Short of missing a few crayons, inability to decipher which floor we’re on, and following basic computer instructions, I think it’s going well! It’s just a three ring circus without a grandmaster.

Clap, clap. Ohhhhhhh, cabana boyyyyy!!!


I ask you –

Want to join my circus?

Are you the problem child of your organization? Be honest!!

Please check out fellow blogger, Brian Lageose. He’s hilarious!

Staying Between the Lines

“Someone will love you, someone will love you, someone will love you. But someone isn’t me.”

unknown credit

I’m teaching my child not to accept mistreatment. She is loved and joyful. First time, shame on you. Second time, shame on me. How difficult is it really to acknowledge another’s feelings? Perhaps acknowledging your own was the problem. For those who claim communication is the most important part of any relationship, you really suck at it! Well…more the giving end than the receiving end. But then again, you suck so what did I expect.

You’re enough.

If only people would communicate their intentions. Or be honest when there’s no expectations. Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Surely there’s a fancy list of all my indiscretions again. Remember? Nothing is ever your fault.

Credit: wordporm via Instagram

So you just stop, like that? Seemed so easy. No work, no cares, no…nothing. Silence can be unbearably loud. But I couldn’t hold it together, keep going on like it didn’t hurt. Blessed numbness. Whatever you’re searching for yet haven’t found – I hope the best. I still care. Let’s make it about you. Because it always has been.

Kel, life will continue without you. So don’t let it. You are strong and capable.

OY3, out.


I ask you –

Cryptic or no?

How’s your self-talk game going? Great, why thank you for asking!

Tell me about your day!

Office Life / Cold Front

My office has a serious Crumbl cookie addiction. As well as donut addiction. If you want to get something into the hands of leadership quickly, we can be bribed. Everyone has a price!

Speaking of office stuff, when the going gets tough, I remind myself of an instance where I helped a stranger get into their master’s program. Well, it was a miniscule part but I played it. Seeing as how it was several years ago, I imagine they have since graduated. Pretty proud!

Again, on the office theme, I have encountered some really beautiful sunrises lately. The only problem is I’m usually driving and too lazy to pull over. Being punctual is my thing. Although my phone doesn’t take the best sun photos, you get the idea. I adore the mornings. There’s just something about a new day, waking up before others, the quiet stillness of the world early in the day. Before life gets crazy. Before the sun starts boiling me alive. The days are getting shorter hence the darkness is lasting longer. Bring on Fall!

We’re getting closer to the closing of Hell’s Gate aka end of summer in Tejas. Not close enough. Sadly I missed the opportunity to run last week when it was a blizzard-like 59°. Break out the parkas, folks. I’ll get my cold weather running gear. It’s a party!

Alas, a day later, it was 99° outside and 78° in the office. Have I mentioned I miss teleworking?


I ask you –

Does your office have a particular addiction?

What are the average daily temperatures where you live?

Tell me an office skill you’re not proud to be good at! I’m getting good at work order requests.

What Matters Most / Prioritizing

Making Priorities


Forgiveness. Redemption. Grace. Kindness. Among many others, these are words that mean much to me. Being responsible for a family unit is quite a burden to bear which is why I believe the next few points are incredibly important. Responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of those who choose to accept the load. (and sometimes there’s no choice)

It has been said that ‘the two greatest days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why’. God created you with a purpose in mind (2 Corinthians 5:5). Indeed there are big plans for me.


My body has an internal alarm clock prompting me to go to bed at 8:30pm. Every. Single. Night. Like my dad, I’ve always been a morning person. It has served me well! 9 hours is my optimal, pre-programmed amount of sleep necessary for a fully functioning day. I’m a light sleeper and have little trouble falling asleep, but find difficulty in staying asleep.

This may sound like I put way too much priority on knowing about my own sleep patterns. However, recognizing the importance of sleep and how it affects your body is something I think many take for granted. Sleep – or lack thereof – is attributed to weight, outlook on life, stress, and disease. When we sleep, our bodies recuperate from innumerable daily encounters with germs, people, and events, as well as prepare us for days ahead. Personally I think consistent sleep schedules are one of the most important ways to set up children for success.


As I’ve probably mentioned before, streaking is such a confidence booster. Even when it’s only 1 mile a day, the proof is tangible. Typically I notice a difference 2 weeks into it – I’m lighter on my feet, stamina is high, and the urge to keep running is overwhelming. Although I despise treadmill running, the routine (aka priority) of running at lunch (aka runch) is much needed. My lunch hour at work is nearly sacred. Soon enough, you can find me back on the roads near the office happily making the rounds.


It’s important mini sees me doing what I love. Running helps in many ways: decreases anxiety, increases the feel-good hormones, and recharges my people’ing batteries. We all need an outlet, if you will. Mine is found inside a pair of running shoes.


I ask you –

How many hours of sleep do you average nightly?

What is your outlet?

Share a priority I may have missed here!