Slow Roll

Awhile back, my boss requested I add “Drive By Discussion” to the calendar with a list of people to meet with. So I did. But for the remainder of the day, I was met with “why would you write that?” or “did she really say that?” Yes, yes she did. Clearly I Amelia Bedelia’d it. Accidentally on purpose. It was just too funny not to take advantage of. No sense of humor, I tell ya’!

Anyway, as I took a weekend to complete my own drive by of others’ homes and yards and gardens, the gorgeous Texas photo opportunities were limitless. Hope you enjoy. And, if not, oh well.

For someone who can’t keep one plant alive, I sure enjoy looking at the fruit of other’s hard work. Too bad horticulture and the like aren’t inherited. Consolation prize. I got humor!


I ask you –

What’s your thoughts on drive by’s? Not funny?

Have you ever stolen plants from someone else’s yard? I thought about it!

Tell me your favorite local/native flower!

Streaking. Again. No, not that kind.

Typical of 2020, and now 2021, to have me changing my plans every few weeks. I’m working on being flexible, spontaneous…all those things I’m really not.

Back up a little. Remember when I committed to a run streak in January? The only reason I’m not behooving you to remember when I completed the run streak in January is because the stomach bug from hell invaded my body and I have zero recollection of a few days. I ran 27 days. But who’s counting?

credit to via

Fast forward. May 1st began a new opportunity for a run streak. Since I nixed the Memorial Day runs in favor of survival (the heat could kill me), I wanted something to keep me running. Enter the run streak! 11 miles was my longest run in April so I feel confident a run streak can be progressive.

Surprisingly, not one time since January have I used a treadmill. I’m free! Yes, I’m lucky to have one but it’s such a fun sucker. Plugging away on a black belt of doom, going nowhere not even fast. Ugh. No thanks.

But if the weather becomes unmanageable, my trusty steed of running equipment will be there. Patiently waiting. Which reminds me I really gotta find that big fan. Because if anyone can have a heat stroke indoors, it would be me.


I ask you –

May goals?

Do you have indoor sporting equipment? I can see how golf wouldn’t be ideal.

Tell me your Memorial Day plans!

Whose idea was this?

How do people have time to binge shows? Maybe I’m doing this all wrong. One of my favorite radio shows plays a game where the hosts have to guess what show it is based on clues, like theme song, date it aired, etc. I never get the show right presumably because I haven’t watched any of them. Hahha presumably.

Is this a time management issue? A priority issue? I do like television. There are shows I enjoy so what’s the deal?

Feels like I never have enough hours in my day for hobbies. For me, a schedule is like a chessboard where each piece has its place and I try to fit checkers into the empty spots. Plug and play! Sometimes it’s an ‘oh crap, I need to paint my toenails’. Then there’s the ‘did I send out thank you cards yet?” No, those are still sitting atop your laptop. Other times, and this is my favorite, ‘I have a blog idea!’ so I rush off to write it down before it ends up in a forgotten heap.

in case you thought running was glamorous

To hear others tell it, failure is a good thing. Check out this article about goals. The process of achieving a goal is perhaps more important to long term success than actually achieving the goal. So all the training, all the extra required sleep, all the fretting is worth more than crossing the finish line. This is why I’ve decided to nix the race at the end of the May. A different opportunity has presented itself and I know full well if it happens sooner rather than later I won’t be able to do both. Promise I’ll fill you all in when the time is right. For now, I’m still following the training plan for the most part; with the weather getting warm quickly, I’m doing the best I can to listen to my body and plan for the days ahead. By faith, I’ve been able to run faster than I’ve ever run before nearly this entire cycle. Amazing what you can do when you let go.

Well, geez, why didn’t I think of that myself?!


I ask you –

What hobbies do you enjoy?

Are you good at trivia questions?

Give me your best piece of advice!

Small Town Living

Sometimes I discover I’ve let draft posts sit much longer than desired so I slink back to them, apologize profusely, and edit until I love them. It’s been at least a year since we traveled through Saint Jo, Texas, population 12. So the year is probably correct, but the population may be off by, like, 4.

A true and proper town square cannot be beaten. It’s one thing to point someone to the downtown area, but to say you have a town square is reminiscent of Civil War-era canons and ball gowns covered in tulle. Only the itchiest of fabrics were acceptable.

Though I wasn’t able to go inside to evaluate the vintageness myself, when I peeked through the windows, it looked to be a small shop meets flea market. I’m not one to wax poetic, but I do love a good market! Especially if it’s been upgraded with a coffee shop!

Christmas time

Decorating the town square should be a citizen-led event; a right of passage, if you will. When I was a young girl, our tiny 1A school would have a Christmas parade through the center of town near the tomato shed. Don’t laugh. The tomato shed was iconic. It was where a platform stood that had long ago been used by people to rest on while waiting for the next train. Nothing beats driving through a small town to see how decorated and festive it is at holidays.

Can’t say I’ve ever met Howard, but he must be royalty to have his name on the theater’s marquee.

sweet tea and long talks

Located right outside of the “Vintage Market”, a place where folks can meet, talk, and decide on what movie to see next. Remember how in the movie Titanic, they continue to flash back and forth between what it looked like at the bottom of the ocean and how it might have looked while setting sail? My mind envisions a lovely couple sitting here, coffee between them. Or perhaps strangers passing between towns. Or even me.


I ask you –

Do you ever think about what small towns might have looked like eons ago?

Were you raised in a small town? Tell me about it!

Just like any good slogan, I think town squares are for memories.

Library List

Check out Embrace the Chaos’ post. Any one of her suggestions familiar?

Some ship’s XO whose name I can’t recall (the ship or the XO) has a reading list so when one of the Sailors mentioned this book I knew I had to get it.

available on Amazon here

Then, whilst perusing books at the local big box store of rambunctious children and other questionable characters, I stumbled upon the below gem of pulverized tree material. This series is so much fun! My best friend got me hooked when she offered me the first book to read only a month before I left for boot camp.

Sixth and final novel

I’m also a huge fan of anything in JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but they’re a bit smutty so maybe skip it if you have reservations. Smut is such a funny word. McKenna something-or-other is also really good, but those are the smuttiest of smutty. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series can’t be beat. Unless you don’t like laughing until you cry. Which I do. After I finish what I have on hand, it’s time to head to the library because I heard Michael Connelly has more Bosch novels out. I’m so excited I could scream!

Now here I am surrounded by books. And not a bookmark in site. I’ll search for it later.


I ask you –

What’s on your summer reading list? I need more ideas.

Do you typically order books online or find them in store?

Choose one and tell me why: books or movies? Books! Because the imagery comes alive in only my mind.

Round and Round and Round

Typical of me to change plans halfway through a very labor intensive project. You know, like running. Something told me to build a 13 week training plan just in case of unexpected events. You know, like mind changing. So here we are. I’m officially beginning week 8 now. One small exception: due to aforementioned events, my long run was yesterday vice Saturday so today’s 4 miles have been cancelled. Unless I’m feeling motivated. Standby.

The relief is palpable. Don’t get me wrong; I love running. Really. But even marathoners don’t run long distances 3 days in a row. Not the ones I keep up with anyway. My shins were starting to feel like the muscle was pulling away from the bone. If that isn’t a pretty picture.

Also, many are familiar with the Hotter’n’Hell Hundred. That huge bicycling event in the throes of a Texas summer. I continue to ward off invitations to join this year, but my willpower is waning. Insanity. I mean I do own a bike. And I can train for it. The shortest distance is 25 miles. Doable. Ehhhh. We’ll see.

this is the face I make when someone from work tells me I should try walking the stairs during my lunch hour

Being kind can be difficult especially if your face speaks for itself. Like mine.


I ask you –

Should I enter the hottest bike ride in the universe?

Do you find yourself constantly changing plans?

Tell me your thoughts on riding a bicycle.

Upcoming Ideas!

I’ve finally got it! My next creative writing project will be titled “From Bed to Tread” and will feature the catchphrase similar to this – Today on From Bed to Tread, we’re going to show you things you shouldn’t do! Bonus points if you read this in your best Robin Leach voice. I didn’t realize he had passed in 2018. Looks like you have a chance to continue his legacy then. Good luck!

Even though I’m able to extend my lunch to total about 90 mins, it’s to the point where I need between 90-120 mins to complete my runs. First world problems. And since Texas is beginning to do what Texas does (aka get hot) I’ve started getting up around 5am to be out the door about 30 mins later. No wonder I’m tired at 6pm.

always my baby

Since mini will be leaving me for a 10 week Tennessean adventure soon, I’ve been brainstorming some summer goals/projects/etc. If you thought I was about to share them here, you’re wrong. I haven’t come up with anything yet. Yet. I want to return to a full keto routine which isn’t really that hard. Just do it! I’d like to read as many books as possible. I also want to ride my bike more than once every two weeks. Hashtag training problems.

Of course all of these things will be post-Memorial Day. From the moment I decided to only run 1 half marathon vice 3, I’ve felt overall more relaxed and prepared to run. The ability to incorporate more rest days into the week instead of running multiple days in a row has been calming. Even my resting heart rate has decreased. I was constantly feeling guilty for taking long lunches toward the end of each week because I my weekends were super busy with family and 5 yr old activities so I was juggling running midway through the work day. Or getting up very early and being unable to go to bed earlier to counteract it. Although I fully realize this is a decision I willingly made, balancing what I love to do and other priorities in life is really hard. Soap box, I’ll stop now.


I ask you –

Do your plans change from summer to winter? In what way most often?

Would you rather get up early or go to bed early?

Tell me your optimum lunch period! ex. 30 mins, 1 hour, etc.

Prime Time + Ramblings

Occasionally I write about more than running plans and the craziness of motherhood. Occasionally. Spring time is my favorite – there’s the element of renewal and new growth, the promise of warmer weather and snow cones! A genius invented syrup-covered ice! Fall is by far my favorite time of year, but spring definitely has its perks.

how’s your life insurance policy?

For example, flowers! Specifically, jonquils. Not daffodils. The caveat here is because of the subfreezing temperatures we experienced mid-February the jonquils made their on time reveal then promptly (and I mean within days) shriveled and died. Anticlimactic. I’m truly devastated. Those are my forever favorite flower; they bloom on or near my birthday each year and I adore seeing them. Poof. Gone.

In terms of weather, it couldn’t be more perfect minus those random, severe, possibly tornadic storms. The little things, you know. Why do they always happen near or after bedtime? Could they not be more sympathetic to my need for sleep? A racing heart doth not good sleep make. Oh, Texas, why can’t you just get it together!

more branded stuff

Not so long ago, Morgan (with the near to my own birthday) asked if 35 meant we were officially in our “prime”. Before I could give it too much thought, lest she think I was indeed giving it too much thought, I emphatically replied “Of course!” Because I know very little about many things. But when I actually intended to overthink this idea of being in one’s prime – “the beginning of our prime” as she clarified – I decided it’s true. I really don’t know much.

And if that one sentence doesn’t sum up this blog in a neat and tidy package probably nothing will!


I ask you –

Seriously, who invented snow cones?

How much do meteorologists earn? Bet it’s not commission based!

Prime number? Prime age? I’m saying yes!

What It Means to Blog

5 Things bloggers wish they could say

I couldn’t not laugh when I stumbled upon the above article. Couldn’t have said it better myself either! Here’s the deal: yes, I have a full time job – two if you count keeping a small child with an adult vocabulary and defiance like her mother…where was I going with this?…oh right, I keep that mini human alive; yes, I love to write so you could infer this blog is simply my hobby; yes, I ‘only’ publish a new post twice a week – but do you know what goes into these “just two” posts a week? Do you know what any of this takes?

I’m not pointing out how you may not understand. What I am doing is saying there’s more to this than type a little, insert a few photos, and wham bam a blog writer I am. Oh, a writer I certainly am!

The difference in being a blogger vs a writer is probably only a few words. Get it, get it. Perhaps being labeled a writer sounds more sophisticated whereas bloggers are a dime a dozen. Trust me when I say this isn’t true at all. From the post content to the stat analyzation to the photo taking to the all the extra publishing on other media platforms: it is work.

Now I’m sure none of my loyal readers have ever considered bloggers as opportunists; however, opportunities do come from capitalizing on various opportunities. To my understanding, this is where monetization comes into the picture. I, too, am hopeful one day I can make money from writing. So I don’t get overly upset when I have to scroll through ads or other tidbits before picking up the remainder of what I was reading. If it works for you, who am I to to say a thing? Previously, before starting my own blog, I did make money writing articles for someone else. It wasn’t much but I learned what to do/not do. Then I became my own boss!

In other words, there may be a time when these posts seem a little longer because I choose to advertise. Please excuse me while I seek out said opportunities. I’ll be over here “just” fulfilling a dream.


I ask you –

Do you find yourself irritated to scroll a little farther down when reading a news article or other post?

What opportunities are you seeking in your personal or professional life?

Wham bam a writer I am!

Dreamer + Sickness

In a sickness-induced haze, I dreamt the following post:

1. I’d love to create a bookstore/winery. Imagine this – floor to ceiling dark, wooden bookshelves with a vast winery stretching into the distance. Each room surrounded with oversized comfy chairs and a fireplace in each corner. You heard it here first.

2. I also want to own a bakery. Sugar is my first love. From the very first time I realized the magic that happens when you cream butter and sugar together, I knew I was destined to be a baker. I say again – who eats cookies and cries? There was that one time, but it was due to extenuating circumstances. I’ll name each sugar-laden delectable a long, gloriously ridiculous name like “marshmallow magic butterflies covered in unicorn glitter”. P.S. I hate glitter and marshmallows.

3. Combine the two previous ideas with a running store and coffee shop. Of course the name of my blog could serve this idea well. Because after imbibing in wine, coffee, cookies, and remaining sedentary for hours, you’re going to need a new pair of shoes!

Currently I’m accepting cash and PayPal payments to go towards the necessary functions of becoming a business owner of which I have little experience in doing, but I can learn!

my co-owner and I

Also, in case you were concerned, my husband may or may not have tried to get rid of me by killing me with his cooking. Jokes on him. We both ended up with what I presume to be food poisoning so either he really didn’t intend to also hurt himself or he screwed up the plates. haHA I live to make his life hard another day!

But seriously. Food poisoning sucks. And it wasn’t his cooking. I’d almost take gastro onboard a floating chunk of steel than ever do this again. Almost.


I ask you –

Which of the 3 options above is most likely to succeed?

Have you ever had food poisoning? Or gastro?

Just let me know if you’re willing to donate!