Upcoming Ideas!

I’ve finally got it! My next creative writing project will be titled “From Bed to Tread” and will feature the catchphrase similar to this – Today on From Bed to Tread, we’re going to show you things you shouldn’t do! Bonus points if you read this in your best Robin Leach voice. I didn’t realize he had passed in 2018. Looks like you have a chance to continue his legacy then. Good luck!

Even though I’m able to extend my lunch to total about 90 mins, it’s to the point where I need between 90-120 mins to complete my runs. First world problems. And since Texas is beginning to do what Texas does (aka get hot) I’ve started getting up around 5am to be out the door about 30 mins later. No wonder I’m tired at 6pm.

always my baby

Since mini will be leaving me for a 10 week Tennessean adventure soon, I’ve been brainstorming some summer goals/projects/etc. If you thought I was about to share them here, you’re wrong. I haven’t come up with anything yet. Yet. I want to return to a full keto routine which isn’t really that hard. Just do it! I’d like to read as many books as possible. I also want to ride my bike more than once every two weeks. Hashtag training problems.

Of course all of these things will be post-Memorial Day. From the moment I decided to only run 1 half marathon vice 3, I’ve felt overall more relaxed and prepared to run. The ability to incorporate more rest days into the week instead of running multiple days in a row has been calming. Even my resting heart rate has decreased. I was constantly feeling guilty for taking long lunches toward the end of each week because I my weekends were super busy with family and 5 yr old activities so I was juggling running midway through the work day. Or getting up very early and being unable to go to bed earlier to counteract it. Although I fully realize this is a decision I willingly made, balancing what I love to do and other priorities in life is really hard. Soap box, I’ll stop now.


I ask you –

Do your plans change from summer to winter? In what way most often?

Would you rather get up early or go to bed early?

Tell me your optimum lunch period! ex. 30 mins, 1 hour, etc.

Old Age and such / Today is a Very Special Day!!

Trying to go to sleep many nights ago, I remembered when I feared I had a stress fracture. Because bedtime is the perfect time for your brain to think about…everything. At the time, I was routinely wearing steel-toed boots for my job as a government contractor. Those suckers are heavy! Pretty sure the boots hadn’t caused the possible injury, so I was looking for other reasons. Mileage and running were the culprits, in my mind.

Stretching with my shadow

Some weeks went by and as I was contemplating finally calling my doctor I realized the problem. As a right-side sleeper, I typically lay with my left leg over the top of my right with my left heel wedged firmly into the top of my right foot. Exactly where the pain was. Once I made a conscious decision to move my feet away from each other, the pain subsided within days.

So what exactly is the point of this jog down memory lane? Honestly, I don’t remember anymore but I’m sure there’s a lesson here somewhere.

Now it’s coming back to me! My coworker recently shared women should be getting their first mammogram around age 35. Wait. I’m 35. So now I need to remember to call my doctor. At least the coworker said colonoscopy screening is near age 40. Small favors. You can bet I’ll be sharing all those details.

Again, I digress. Seems the pulled ACL/MCL issue I’ve been toying with for many months now may be caused by none other than yours truly. Shocking, I know. When I’m sitting or have my legs up – which I do often – I tend to cross my feet at the ankles, left over right. This position places strain on my inner right knee which is exactly where I develop bruising and pain especially as training mileage increases. Coincidence? Ha!

1 of 5

So here we are to this point. I’m attempting to keep my legs in their proper places. Preferably not kicking anyone, although I did take a knee to the shin one night and considered it. Next thing you know I’ll forget where that bruise came from because middle 30s and all.

Final thought: speaking of old age – today is my sweet baby’s 5th birthday. It’s so hard to believe because I could never imagine this day. Everything about her pushes me to be a better person. Even when it’s not-so-sweet qualities. She knows my every button, my every weakness, my every desire for all good things in her life. Yet she tries me still. She tree, me apple.


I ask you –

Do you self diagnose or make an immediate appointment with professionals?

Be honest – how often do you forget things?

Coincidences don’t exist! I’ll say it.

Prime Time + Ramblings

Occasionally I write about more than running plans and the craziness of motherhood. Occasionally. Spring time is my favorite – there’s the element of renewal and new growth, the promise of warmer weather and snow cones! A genius invented syrup-covered ice! Fall is by far my favorite time of year, but spring definitely has its perks.

how’s your life insurance policy?

For example, flowers! Specifically, jonquils. Not daffodils. The caveat here is because of the subfreezing temperatures we experienced mid-February the jonquils made their on time reveal then promptly (and I mean within days) shriveled and died. Anticlimactic. I’m truly devastated. Those are my forever favorite flower; they bloom on or near my birthday each year and I adore seeing them. Poof. Gone.

In terms of weather, it couldn’t be more perfect minus those random, severe, possibly tornadic storms. The little things, you know. Why do they always happen near or after bedtime? Could they not be more sympathetic to my need for sleep? A racing heart doth not good sleep make. Oh, Texas, why can’t you just get it together!

more branded stuff

Not so long ago, Morgan (with the near to my own birthday) asked if 35 meant we were officially in our “prime”. Before I could give it too much thought, lest she think I was indeed giving it too much thought, I emphatically replied “Of course!” Because I know very little about many things. But when I actually intended to overthink this idea of being in one’s prime – “the beginning of our prime” as she clarified – I decided it’s true. I really don’t know much.

And if that one sentence doesn’t sum up this blog in a neat and tidy package probably nothing will!


I ask you –

Seriously, who invented snow cones?

How much do meteorologists earn? Bet it’s not commission based!

Prime number? Prime age? I’m saying yes!

Day in Photos, pt 921

“Day in Photos” started when I realized there were a lot of photos in my phone that maybe didn’t fit whatever topic I was writing about during the day/week. Now look at it. Just look at it! It’s become a successful way to share a whole bunch of photos, very few words, and still count as a blog post!

Let’s begin –


I’m madly in love with my logo and what my sister gifted me with on our birthday: branded apparel. I truly enjoy advertising for other small, local, women-owned, military-owned, etc brands – and will continue to do so – but I also need to share my own!

oh the drama

No matter how many times I say ‘the foam roller is not a toy’ it never fails to become a group activity. Not really a group type of girl. Solo foam rolling is much appreciated. Unbeknownst to me, some people have no clue what a foam roller is or what it does. All I can say is it hurts so good!

sister, sister

Leaving you with this photo of my twin. It’s been nice catching up lately. Never a dull moment when she’s around!


I ask you –

How often are you shocked at the number of phone photos you have amassed?

Are there items in your home with the designation “not a toy'”?

Tell me your sibling(s) name(s)!

Training Updates!

Elvis would be so proud

To answer your question – the one you didn’t audibly ask – no. No, I don’t enjoy eating within 30 mins of waking up. It rather makes me feel like vomiting is an acceptable response. The only bright side, besides of course it giving me energy, is it makes me need to poop. haHA! Bet you didn’t see that gem coming! Trust me, it’s better to have an urge while you’re still at home than mid-way (or any way) into a long run.

Alas, this is what long run weekends tend to look like. Or pre-work runs. If you want to run, you have to eat, Kel. Contrary to popular belief, most running cycles won’t inherently cause you to lose weight. I can put on weight while training because the hunger is serious. However, water weight and dehydration are my downfall. Throughout my weeks of training, I expect to lose several pounds. Anything more than 8 begins a range of problems. So I eat when I’m hungry and aim for very electrolyte-rich beverages to combat dehydration. So when you see me with food in one hand and a shopping list in the other, please be kind!

new favorite snack

Did I mention my local gym closed in…January? Or was it December? The writing was on the wall, but it still saddens me. Being a part of the Anytime Fitness community really opened my eyes to so much in the fitness world, as well as allowed me to meet some incredible people. If it wasn’t for the owners of an Anytime Fitness, I wouldn’t have started Running on Fumes when I did! Nearly two years ago, the DeStefano family put a lot of trust into me and happily gave me the reigns to write and share as I please. Forever thankful! Here we are today. I don’t know for certain if they still follow and read it, but, if you’re watching, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Where was I? Oh, right, AF closed. Maybe it’s just from my experience as part of several different locations in all kinds of capacities but there’s a problem with top-down leadership in the fitness scene. One day I might get a chance to open my own AF; that would be the ultimate test of ‘where does the problem lie’. In any case, I haven’t joined another gym. Probably won’t for awhile. I still feel very loyal to AF, but I own most of what I regularly used inside the gym and it’s tough to balance a strength training regimen with a training cycle. I do have a full-time job, you know. My local area is pretty well saturated with gyms – big box options and more exclusive types – so if/when I decide to re-join I can visit this issue again. In the mean time, it is what it is.


I ask you –

Are you the rather rare person who can eat upon waking? Just coffee for me, thanks.

Have you ever experienced your gym suddenly closing?

Tell me about someone, who by taking a chance on you, changed your life!

What It Means to Blog

5 Things bloggers wish they could say

I couldn’t not laugh when I stumbled upon the above article. Couldn’t have said it better myself either! Here’s the deal: yes, I have a full time job – two if you count keeping a small child with an adult vocabulary and defiance like her mother…where was I going with this?…oh right, I keep that mini human alive; yes, I love to write so you could infer this blog is simply my hobby; yes, I ‘only’ publish a new post twice a week – but do you know what goes into these “just two” posts a week? Do you know what any of this takes?

I’m not pointing out how you may not understand. What I am doing is saying there’s more to this than type a little, insert a few photos, and wham bam a blog writer I am. Oh, a writer I certainly am!

The difference in being a blogger vs a writer is probably only a few words. Get it, get it. Perhaps being labeled a writer sounds more sophisticated whereas bloggers are a dime a dozen. Trust me when I say this isn’t true at all. From the post content to the stat analyzation to the photo taking to the all the extra publishing on other media platforms: it is work.

Now I’m sure none of my loyal readers have ever considered bloggers as opportunists; however, opportunities do come from capitalizing on various opportunities. To my understanding, this is where monetization comes into the picture. I, too, am hopeful one day I can make money from writing. So I don’t get overly upset when I have to scroll through ads or other tidbits before picking up the remainder of what I was reading. If it works for you, who am I to to say a thing? Previously, before starting my own blog, I did make money writing articles for someone else. It wasn’t much but I learned what to do/not do. Then I became my own boss!

In other words, there may be a time when these posts seem a little longer because I choose to advertise. Please excuse me while I seek out said opportunities. I’ll be over here “just” fulfilling a dream.


I ask you –

Do you find yourself irritated to scroll a little farther down when reading a news article or other post?

What opportunities are you seeking in your personal or professional life?

Wham bam a writer I am!

Dreamer + Sickness

In a sickness-induced haze, I dreamt the following post:

1. I’d love to create a bookstore/winery. Imagine this – floor to ceiling dark, wooden bookshelves with a vast winery stretching into the distance. Each room surrounded with oversized comfy chairs and a fireplace in each corner. You heard it here first.

2. I also want to own a bakery. Sugar is my first love. From the very first time I realized the magic that happens when you cream butter and sugar together, I knew I was destined to be a baker. I say again – who eats cookies and cries? There was that one time, but it was due to extenuating circumstances. I’ll name each sugar-laden delectable a long, gloriously ridiculous name like “marshmallow magic butterflies covered in unicorn glitter”. P.S. I hate glitter and marshmallows.

3. Combine the two previous ideas with a running store and coffee shop. Of course the name of my blog could serve this idea well. Because after imbibing in wine, coffee, cookies, and remaining sedentary for hours, you’re going to need a new pair of shoes!

Currently I’m accepting cash and PayPal payments to go towards the necessary functions of becoming a business owner of which I have little experience in doing, but I can learn!

my co-owner and I

Also, in case you were concerned, my husband may or may not have tried to get rid of me by killing me with his cooking. Jokes on him. We both ended up with what I presume to be food poisoning so either he really didn’t intend to also hurt himself or he screwed up the plates. haHA I live to make his life hard another day!

But seriously. Food poisoning sucks. And it wasn’t his cooking. I’d almost take gastro onboard a floating chunk of steel than ever do this again. Almost.


I ask you –

Which of the 3 options above is most likely to succeed?

Have you ever had food poisoning? Or gastro?

Just let me know if you’re willing to donate!

Mistake? I hope not. + Find Me!

It’s scary putting yourself out there for others to really see.

About a month ago, I removed the privacy settings, applied to be a Brooks Running ambassador, and let the chips fall where they may. Fast forward some. I didn’t get the part. At first, I was really bummed and a tiny bit hurt. What did I do wrong? Answer: nothing. I just wasn’t the right fit at this time.

too much

But it’s got me thinking nearly constantly about other ways to be in the limelight. I don’t want to nor am I driven to be an “influencer”; however, I do strive to grow my blog audience. If I can do fun things along the way, like represent my favorite shoe company, then even better! So, in sharing all this, I decided it was time to – drumroll, please – return to the dark web. Facebook, that is.

My reasons for previous deletion still stand, although it was 99% fault of my own for the life implosion. Let’s not, shall we? This time I’m abandoning the secrecy, the constant contact, the drama that tends to enfold everyone in its path. My blog will grow, dammit! And I will continue being my typical hilarious self right here, same as always.

But, if you feel so inclined, you can find me there, too. You know the way by now.


I ask you –

Am I rushing things? Are my expectations too high?

Any pointers? Please help!

I still remember when Facebook was only for college students. Those were the days.

Movin’ On Up + End of an Era

The last time I wore a uniform, circa 2017

With the end of my Navy career coming to a close in T-minus, oh, 4 days or so, but who’s counting?!, I jumped off the deep end by deciding to “make some big moves” as those young people say. I’m not old. Yet. I’d be lying if I said the thought of wearing those uniforms again wasn’t enough to make me cringe. Now I have a closet full of gear I don’t necessarily have to keep in waiting for a call to action. Recently someone told me it was now acceptable to stop taking care of myself, working to stay in shape, and refraining from anything that could land me a few steps in front of the UCMJ. I laughed good-naturedly, but tuned out the rest of the conversation because it felt beyond short-sighted and, frankly, was offensive. I’ve known many who subscribe to this way of thinking, but it won’t be me.

Privacy is ingrained in me. Never will I willingly disclose enough to be dangerous, but I’ve come to realize I typically live in fear of what could happen. And now I’m saying enough. If I want my blog to grow, then I have to take some risks. Risk management is kind of my thing.

So as I set the privacy icon to public and changed a few things to promote status, a little thrill and some happy feelings embarked upon me. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard to press complete. What’s the worse that could happen?! A stalker, a weird knock at the door? Good news! Been there, done that.

Now we wait! And reorganize my closet space.


I ask you –

Biggest fear?

Are you a risk taker or do you consider yourself more conservative?

Tell me your blog-growing ideas!