Heat Wave

Change of plans. Nothing says get it together, Kel like a wake up call from your body, specifically when you’re too stubborn to acknowledge the signs before the fall. If that isn’t cryptic enough, let’s just say I got a little too close to the same experience nearly 4 yrs ago when I took an ambulance ride for suspected heat stroke. Coupled with poor fueling, I know better. And here we are. Unless the heat wave and triple digit temps break soon, the remainder of my summer will be spent on the treadmill. Surrounded by fans. Yay Texas.

I paused my training plan because I don’t desire to run 6 miles on the belt of doom. Possible, yes. Will… negative. However, I did see where there are a few upcoming breaks in the heat and MAYBE I can get outside one morning for a run. Perhaps I should have considered my running goals when considering Texas as a living option. I heard Utah was beautiful nearly year-round. Ehhh elevation isn’t my favorite either. I could use a summer home and a winter home. Let me get right on it.

My sister put it this way: “I have a few demands for going into the gates of hell this weekend! I need an ice pack, enough deodorant to bathe in and a fan!!! 😂😂😂👍🏻” Don’t we all. On the bright side, it “should” only be low 90s for the first part of this week which means it “might” be upper 60s on the overnights soooooo maybe I can run in the early mornings. Maybe yes, maybe no.


I ask you –

Are you currently training for anything?

Do you have a seasonal home? Mind if I borrow it?

Tell me your essentials to surviving unbearable heat! Ice cream!

6 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. Good to see you’re using the Garmin Coach. I’m training for a pb on a 10k I’m running in October – I run the same race every year and have never beaten the first time I ran twelve years ago. I started using coach Greg on garmin but gave it up as wanted to put more focus on cross training as well as running rather than four runs/week. Following my own training plan now and going ok so far…!


    1. Occasionally I don’t make a good choice with the Garmin plans because some don’t balance out like I hoped, but usually they work well for me.

      Way to go on your own plan! I really enjoy creating my own plans!

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      1. You can’t beat spending hours and hours working out all the intricate details of a training plan before you start any running proper! The garmin coach did teach me to programme in my training onto my watch, so rather than going on a training run for a set distance or for a length of time, I now always set a target range for my pace as well. Think that’s helped me a lot this time around


      2. If you look in the garmin connect app under workouts | create a workout | run, you can add steps with an intensity target which you can set to a pace range you want. Changed my (training) life finding that out! 👍


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