Box o’Books

I’m very sad to report it’s been months since I’ve been to the library. So when I realized I had a few extra minutes – aka town with trains – I detoured and made my way to the book haven. This time I was able to find a new book I’ve been eyeballing (no pun intended) for some time. What’s with these authors who only publish one book a year? Don’t they have jobs? Geez!

With the opening of our newest base coffee shop, Common Grounds, I find myself visiting about once a week. Sometimes it’s for solace, sometimes for coffee, sometimes just to sit amongst the books. As there’s a large, indoor playground, it has just the right amount of background noise and joy for me to write, read, or ponder life goals. But mostly for coffee drinking. Though lately my drink of choice is hot tea. Anyway.

My goal to read at least one book per month sort of floated away. Hello, distraction. I better get busy reading for pleasure because soon the only thing I’ll be reading is journals on research. And some topics are so flat out boring it can be hard to keep your eyes open. Remind me not to be a dull doctor. In the meantime, I’m going to spend my time reading Michael Connelly and books about overcoming anxiety.

This is fun, right?


I ask you –

What are you reading lately?

Do you frequent public libraries or prefer to obtain your reading online?

Pick one: coffee or tea! Predominantly coffee, of course.

6 thoughts on “Box o’Books

  1. I read every night before bed. I just finished Susan Cain’s latest book, Bittersweet. I’m currently reading Stacy’s Sim’s latest book, Next Level. Not always nonfiction but that’s just what I’ve been reading lately. I don’t like to read online so I get them from the library. And tea! Earl Grey is my favorite. Coffee doesn’t agree with me and my heart.


  2. Your post reminded me that I have a couple of library books that are WAY overdue. My mother who used to manage public libraries probably is rolling over in her grave.

    What are you reading lately?
    -Right now, job descriptions, LinkedIn profiles, and my resume. I was reading The End of Craving: recovering the lost wisdom of eating well (one of the overdue books).

    Do you frequent public libraries or prefer to obtain your reading online?
    -I’m team library. For some reason, I have to hold an actual book so Kindle and Audiobooks are a no go for me.

    Pick one: coffee or tea!


      1. I would say a couple of months. NYC’s Public Library System got rid of overdue fees. I guess if the books are out too long, then you’d pay the deductible.


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