Day in Photos, pt 6

The long weekend of mini’s return to midsummer Texas finally arrived! In probably not chronological order –

First, beautify the nails. Sure, ballet shoes cover her toes but it’s proven women who wake up and see their toenails painted experience higher levels of YAY hormones. Totally made that up, but it’s true for me so why not.

Maj Aaron Green & I

Prior to mini’s homecoming, I said see you later to someone with the biggest heart and passion for Airmen. It’s been an incredible few months working with Maj Green – I will miss him and his huge family. Key Spouse life.

Without further ado – I present to you my little ballerina. She rocked her performance and is such a helper to the other young ladies.

It wouldn’t be a weekend without my sister visiting. We have too much fun together.

see the little face?

Overall, the weekend was a success. Nevermind the outdoor temps of 112°. I believe mini had an incredible time. And I’m thankful mini’s dad made the very long trip to support her dance dreams. Everything went by so quickly; before you know it, school will be starting again and we’ll be in another loop of school, dance, repeat.

I feel the heart palpitations returning already.


I ask you –

What plans do you have for the upcoming holiday weekend?

Do any ballerinas read my blog?

Large crowds: yay or nay? Mostly a nay for me.

4 thoughts on “Day in Photos, pt 6

  1. I’m visiting family in New Hampshire for the Fourth since Wisconsin didn’t work out. I’m a big nay for crowds, so having a three-hour layover is awesome… 😬


  2. Looks like a fun collection of photos.
    What plans do you have for the upcoming holiday weekend? Nope. Well, packing for our move.
    Large crowds: yay or nay? H-E-Double hockey sticks NO for me.
    Have a great weekend.


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