Food Stuff

My coworker and I have a debate on the level of over doneness for hardboiled eggs.

To me the photo above is a masterpiece of perfection. She thinks I couldn’t be further from the truth.

Catalina Crunch Cereal and Greek yogurt

Cereal and Greek yogurt on repeat. Sometimes I crave it when I’m up late writing. I also found a chocolate (keto) cereal that pairs so well, too. Add frozen blueberries. Trust me.

Keto ice cream and brownies. I’m seeing a pattern of cold, sweet things. But at least I can eat while I type! Keto does good things for me and I don’t mind foregoing sugar. There are many substitutes so as long as you can deal with the restrictions, then it’s not so bad.

Same note, different song: I exploded a hardboiled egg in the microwave a few days after I took the first photo on this post. I’m sure my coworker will say that wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t already been overcooked. Of course, she likes them smooshy and 2 seconds past runny. Ewwwww.


I ask you –

How “done” do you like your eggs?

Have you tried yogurt and cereal? I guess it’s similar to yogurt and granola.

Tell me a time you blew something up in the microwave!

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Give Me All the Flavors!

Seriously. Anything by Fa!rlife is addictive. Flavors I don’t even like – ahem, strawberry banana – taste so good! They’re filling and yummy and I can’t get enough. Believe me, I know the words ‘nutrition plan’ is not synonymous with ‘this tastes awesome’ but I guarantee it definitely does. Trust me.

I’ve returned to a keto style of eating. Seems my way of eating yet not running consistently (aka training for anything) is not the best for my waistline. Or else it was all the holiday treats. Nonetheless, my energy has reappeared, the bloating is gone, and my pants are starting to fit again. Win! This isn’t a forever diet; it’s just to get me restarted and back to where I want to be. But I am dreaming about that birthday sushi!

Some speak of the “keto flu” like it’s the worst possible outcome of starting keto. I’m certain I did not succumb to the keto flu this time; however, I did get hit by the bus o’ allergies. Probably some stress in there, too. And it all fell on the first week of class. Two is how many workouts I did. I tried to run one day, well, I did run, but the cough and congestion afterwards was awful. Maybe this week will be better. But there is a great chance for snow early in the week. Good thing I have two huge papers to write.

This is fun.


I ask you –

What’s your favorite milk flavor? Loaded question, I know.

Are you dealing with allergies?

Tell me your favorite food!

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Key Toe Lyfe Stile

Beyond every ad, article, self-promoting good doer, and television commercial is a person who wants to have the type of lifestyle that just “works” for them. Mine is keto. Before you go off on a tangent about high cholesterol and/or fat, bad genetics, or some version of the previous, I will disclaim I know only what works for me. Me. Ok? Yes, I cheat sometimes. Yes, I’ve fallen off the wagon and bounced awhile. But I keep coming back to it because it makes me feel my best.

Now that I’ve said all this – let me show you a little bit of what it looks like for me. There’s ice cream!

Because I promised ice cream –

one of my favorites
when ice cream for breakfast won’t do
Rebel brand – an expensive treat

I eat a lot of salad. Nearly every day actually. And eggs. Scrambled with as much butter as I desire. Never met a chicken I didn’t like either. Asparagus is always on the menu, along with deep fried Brussels or quick green beans. Truly, I don’t cut out any vegetables except potatoes and corn.

Yes, I eat bread. Yes, I know bread is mostly white flour. But there are several keto-friendly options and I’ve tried many until I found my favorite(s).

(L to R) Sola, Nature’s Own (sugar free), and Braum’s (carb watch)

Cost? I don’t think I spend any more money eating my way than I would if I ate out regularly. The real cost is time. Meal prep takes time. A lot of time. Purchase, thaw, prep vegetables, cook meats, assemble meals, etc etc etc. Eating out definitely has its merits. Steak and meat item prices have risen lately, but chicken is pretty stable for now. I can’t think of one thing that doesn’t have a suitable alternative for every price point. Frozen and canned vegetables are nearly as healthy as fresh ones. The above photo re: bread is comparable to other sliced bread – minus Sola; Sola is expensive for the very small loaf and small slices you get. The point is keto doesn’t have to be expensive.

I am not ever going to try to convince someone my way of life is for them. I know this. I’ve seen keto do amazing things for others (a friend of mine lost over 100 lbs), but please don’t be afraid to try something new if you’re looking for a change. All that’s required is for you to enjoy it, be able to live your life, and feel your best.


I ask you –

Do you prefer Greek or other types of yogurt?

Have you ever tried a “lose weight quick” diet? How did it work out for you?

Tell me what foods you eat the most! (Yes, coffee does count!)

Where the Lost Things Are

How often is it you do a double take at something you see (or think you’ve seen)? Imagine my surprise then.

perhaps they just fell off

Returning to a low carb lifestyle was in my summer plans, but when I nixed the races at the end of May, I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of wiggle room for the donut-and-ice-cream plan I’d been following. Lucky for me, there are alternatives everywhere if you know where to look. Or can cook.

And don’t think for a minute I gave up cookies! No, no, no. I make a keto-fied chocolate chip cookie dough eaten straight from the container in the refrigerator. Have you tried the espresso chocolate chips yet?! Trust me!

found on a lunch run

Lastly, I stayed out until 9:42pm recently. The mom voice inside me was practically tangible when it said ‘Kel, you can not be out this late again.’ Surely I’ve mentioned my lifelong 8:30pm bedtime? I was absolutely sloth-like the next morning. Pitiful. Sad, too.


I ask you –

Have you ever painted rocks?

What time do you typically go to bed?

Name the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen outside!

Sugar and Fancy Free : A Tale of Texas Travesty

Lonestar State

Can I tell you a secret? I’m from Texas and I don’t like sweet tea. Shocking, I know.

Truthfully, there was a time sweet tea was my beverage of choice. My wake up call came when it was time for an annual vision exam and the optometrist told me I had early onset diabetes. Ok, Kel, so what does sweet tea have to do with your vision?

When they say the eyes are the window to the soul, they’re serious!

She could see so much of my health through my eyes. Terrifying.

The day of that appointment (approximately 11 years ago), I decided to stop drinking sweet tea, evaluate my current health, and make a change.

Did you know you can go to your favorite aka most convenient coffee shop and ask for flavored tea without sugar? Who knew, right!

Peach Citrus White Tea sans sugar

I won’t say sugar was necessarily the enemy. My problem was I didn’t know when to stop. One cookie led to a dozen, sweet tea led to sugary alcoholic beverages, etc. Couple this with an eating disorder and it was a recipe for disaster. Yes, I have an eating disorder – post forthcoming.

In all, none of this means anything without the choice to get healthy or succumb to a life of medication management. (Note: please know I understand some people do not have a choice but to manage their illness with medication. Always consult with your doctor before beginning a diet/exercise plan. I’m NOT a medical professional. In fact, I’m not any kind of professional! End Note) (ps I loathe the word diet)

Before keto was a thing, my family and I were already practicing it. We cut out refined sugar, excessive carbs, and (horror) most desserts. We researched acceptable sugar substitutes and I learned to make satisfying sweet tooth alternatives like cheesecake (minus the graham cracker crust) and mug cakes. Currently, my favorite treat is Blue Bell’s No Sugar Added Ice Cream. Other companies have created low carb items, too. I know carbohydrates are a necessary block of the food pyramid. I eat carbs! Just in a lower amount than what the pyramid dictates.

Is low carb difficult? Yes. Is it sustainable? For me, yes. Does this answer all your questions? Probably not. My point here is many people will search for a very long time for what works for them and that may not be what is best for you. Keeping an open mind helps. If you are faced with a decision concerning your health and your dietary habits, examine all the options. Perhaps making a few small changes vs one huge change is the way to go. Healthy eating habits and exercise are part of a successful program to keep your body and mind in tiptop shape.


I ask you –

Do you think you’ve found the optimal nutrition plan for your body?

Are you a professional? What kind of professional? (humorous or real)

Anyone have a sweet tooth?