Food Stuff

My coworker and I have a debate on the level of over doneness for hardboiled eggs.

To me the photo above is a masterpiece of perfection. She thinks I couldn’t be further from the truth.

Catalina Crunch Cereal and Greek yogurt

Cereal and Greek yogurt on repeat. Sometimes I crave it when I’m up late writing. I also found a chocolate (keto) cereal that pairs so well, too. Add frozen blueberries. Trust me.

Keto ice cream and brownies. I’m seeing a pattern of cold, sweet things. But at least I can eat while I type! Keto does good things for me and I don’t mind foregoing sugar. There are many substitutes so as long as you can deal with the restrictions, then it’s not so bad.

Same note, different song: I exploded a hardboiled egg in the microwave a few days after I took the first photo on this post. I’m sure my coworker will say that wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t already been overcooked. Of course, she likes them smooshy and 2 seconds past runny. Ewwwww.


I ask you –

How “done” do you like your eggs?

Have you tried yogurt and cereal? I guess it’s similar to yogurt and granola.

Tell me a time you blew something up in the microwave!

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7 thoughts on “Food Stuff

  1. A hard boiled egg should be hard boiled. ‘Nuff said. You want a soft boiled egg, say so. 🙂 I like granola with greek yogurt, pecan, and frozen berries. The granola I like has tiny bits of dark chocolate. It’s to die for.


      1. Well, Quaker makes a pretty good mix. For the chocolate bits, you need to specialize. A friend mixed some up and gave me a batch, but I know it is also available commercially. Yummy!!


  2. Eggs:
    -Over-easy. Hardboiled with the yolk slightly mushy. However, I can never time boiling eggs correctly.
    -I usually have ceral and yogurt bc I’m sensitive to lactose.
    -Can’t say that I have blown up anything in the microwave…yet. Oh, I did think that I was defrosting some meat, but the microwave was on full power instead of defrost mode.


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