Sugar and Fancy Free : A Tale of Texas Travesty

Lonestar State

Can I tell you a secret? I’m from Texas and I don’t like sweet tea. Shocking, I know.

Truthfully, there was a time sweet tea was my beverage of choice. My wake up call came when it was time for an annual vision exam and the optometrist told me I had early onset diabetes. Ok, Kel, so what does sweet tea have to do with your vision?

When they say the eyes are the window to the soul, they’re serious!

She could see so much of my health through my eyes. Terrifying.

The day of that appointment (approximately 11 years ago), I decided to stop drinking sweet tea, evaluate my current health, and make a change.

Did you know you can go to your favorite aka most convenient coffee shop and ask for flavored tea without sugar? Who knew, right!

Peach Citrus White Tea sans sugar

I won’t say sugar was necessarily the enemy. My problem was I didn’t know when to stop. One cookie led to a dozen, sweet tea led to sugary alcoholic beverages, etc. Couple this with an eating disorder and it was a recipe for disaster. Yes, I have an eating disorder – post forthcoming.

In all, none of this means anything without the choice to get healthy or succumb to a life of medication management. (Note: please know I understand some people do not have a choice but to manage their illness with medication. Always consult with your doctor before beginning a diet/exercise plan. I’m NOT a medical professional. In fact, I’m not any kind of professional! End Note) (ps I loathe the word diet)

Before keto was a thing, my family and I were already practicing it. We cut out refined sugar, excessive carbs, and (horror) most desserts. We researched acceptable sugar substitutes and I learned to make satisfying sweet tooth alternatives like cheesecake (minus the graham cracker crust) and mug cakes. Currently, my favorite treat is Blue Bell’s No Sugar Added Ice Cream. Other companies have created low carb items, too. I know carbohydrates are a necessary block of the food pyramid. I eat carbs! Just in a lower amount than what the pyramid dictates.

Is low carb difficult? Yes. Is it sustainable? For me, yes. Does this answer all your questions? Probably not. My point here is many people will search for a very long time for what works for them and that may not be what is best for you. Keeping an open mind helps. If you are faced with a decision concerning your health and your dietary habits, examine all the options. Perhaps making a few small changes vs one huge change is the way to go. Healthy eating habits and exercise are part of a successful program to keep your body and mind in tiptop shape.


I ask you –

Do you think you’ve found the optimal nutrition plan for your body?

Are you a professional? What kind of professional? (humorous or real)

Anyone have a sweet tooth?

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