Day in Photos, pt 90

The week came and went and I didn’t realize I had written nothing. Here I rely on my ability to throw together a post created entirely of short sentences and photos.

Hocus Pocus season is upon us! Just a few more weeks until the long awaited sequel!

Mini and I when we realized we hadn’t really made any big plans yet for our Hocus Pocus Watch Party!

Throwback to my very first half marathon – Rock n Roll VA Beach. So glad it wasn’t my first and only!

Losing weight is hard. Making good food isn’t. My compromise is I will eat what I want – carbs, desserts, etc – in moderate amounts. I dusted off My Fitness Pal and have been religiously monitoring my plate. So far, things are going well. And I feel really good, too. Win!


I ask you –

Have you seen any funny sun visors lately?

Do you have a throwback photo of your first sporting event?

Tell me your least favorite vegetable!

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5 thoughts on “Day in Photos, pt 90

  1. Our sun visor game in Pittsburgh is apparently boring, so no, no cool sun visors. Now that I say this, I’ll probably see a cool one next week.

    My first sporting events were over 40 years ago, so those photos are probably at my mom’s house–as long as they weren’t accidentally thrown away!

    Cauliflower is horrible. I understand the whole health thing with cauliflower, but it’s a hard no from me. Give me bread, and I’ll moderate my intake instead.


  2. -I haven’t see too many sun visors recently. Perhaps, I do not notice them as much. Maybe folks do not use them as much because modern car AC units cool faster compared to the ones back in the day.
    -Is it going to be a sequel or a remake? I’m so over all of these remakes.
    -Least like veggie – probably squash followed by okra.
    -Boy, you are right about losing weight. I’ve started intermittent fasting again. and it has been a struggle. My biggest problem with losing weight (besides my crappy diet) is late-night snacking and not getting enough sleep.


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