From Issues to Tissues

Anybody else having issues scheduling posts on Word Press? It’s not really the scheduling that has become an issue – it’s Word Press not posting them at the scheduled time, specifically when I schedule them using the app on my phone. When I use my laptop, no issues. Phone = issues. It forces me to stop my day, manually publish the post, then return to business. No time for that. I pay for this platform so I expect it to work properly. Christina, I know you know how to fix this. Help me!

Finally – football is back! Accidentally skipped over preseason. Peacock is my friend. That funny little bird streaming service has everything I need. Random note: mini calls it a pea-hock. No se. If you’re looking for me the reminder of the season, I’ll be keeping my couch company and demanding popcorn. Just kidding. That’s my mini. I’ll be demanding silence, hiding in the bedroom whilst working on bibliographies and papers. Send headphones. I have a grand total of 2 weekends to watch football. Silence!

It’s still hot outside, but I’ve been making it out there to run. The 7am-ish hour is simply the best. There is the slight undertone of fall peaking around the bend… patience is not my friend. If only we could get some rain. Sigh. Mini has been pestering me about riding her bike “a long way”. We did complete two long rides though!

Speaking of long rides, I was fortunate to witness a piece of the World Trade Center arrive on Shepard AFB to be displayed at a later date. Firefighters and other emergency personnel from NYFD transported it. I was in awe. It was strange to think how many of the Airmen dutifully saluting while the truck and its precious cargo passed by were not even born when 9/11 took place. Seems unreal it’s been 21 years. May we never forget.


I ask you –

What is your favorite part of WordPress?

What NFL team are you cheering for?

Tell me a time you witnessed an event honoring something historical.

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6 thoughts on “From Issues to Tissues

  1. When I jumped on WP in 2016, I was happy to see so many non-journalists creating such cool content. Finding new blogs to read is always a new adventure. Sadly, many that I liked 6 years ago have quit. I wish they truly knew how talented they were.

    I was born and raised in the heart of Pittsburgh, so obviously the Steelers. Their game yesterday was terribly hilarious.

    I’ll do sports-related history: I was at the Penguins game where Mario Lemieux scored his 600th goal. I was at John Elway’s first game when Denver played Pittsburgh in week 1 of 1983. I was at one of the two exhibition games at PNC Park when the Pirates opened it in 2001. And finally, I was at the first official football game at Heinz Field (now named different) in 2001. It was a Pitt game, not a Steelers game.


    1. I find really amazing writers on WP, as well, but it does seem like they stop before really getting going. I’m sure life happens.

      Nice! You have great sports history moments to share, Larry! Maybe you should write a post about them!

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