Day in Photos, island edition

Let’s talk about my two favorite things: coffee and running.

Cafe Padre at Yummies Bistro

Perfectly cinnamony, any artisan-level coffee is just right for me. Yummies makes fantasticly fancy coffees for every taste. I’ve never ordered anything bad from there. They also have food, but who cares. More coffee, please!

Too bad I’ll be writing papers during this event because it sounds like everything I love in one weekend. Post-doctorate plans are already being made. Note to self: research how many times you’ll have to run the island because it’s not 13 miles long.

(not pictured) broken Keurig. Apparently it is an issue the company is well aware of because I have called in twice just on my own machines. There’s a particular model with a faulty mechanism which pops the heat sensor rendering the machine kaput. Or something like that. I bring my own Keurig on vacation and didn’t even get one cup of coffee before it broke. Hmmpphh.

Hoka running shoes seem to be the shoe du jour on the island. I never saw one runner in Brooks the entire week. Maybe they just don’t know what great shoes feel like. Or else they prefer their sandy toes in a different brand. Whatever works. I did see one sponsored cyclist mid-week. He had a fancy kit. Perhaps I should have asked if he would be participating in the HHH at the end of the month. But since I was dying from the humidity there was no way I was chasing him down.

Overall, I ran three times that week and walked dozens of miles…beach to condo, shop to shop, vehicle to restaurant. You know the drill. I won’t miss the humidity, but I do envy 80° days and nights. And fried fish. I adore fried fish. It’s practically healthy! For those of you sick of my island recaps, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled silliness soon. Right now, I’m still basking in my tan lines. Mini goes back to school this week. Standby.


I ask you –

On a scale of 1 to I-would-literally-die-without-it, how much do you love coffee?

Do you find yourself walking more while away from home?

Please comment your bets on how tired mini will be after the first 3 days of school! Mine: she asks to go to bed after dinner.

5 thoughts on “Day in Photos, island edition

  1. 3. I’m not big on coffee. I don’t understand how runners drink coffee before a run! If I would do that, I’d be running to the bathroom.

    I can always tell how good of shape I’m in when vacation hits. I walk the same amount of steps as everyone else, and I’m the only one who isn’t sore. I love giving hell to people younger than me: “Don’t tell me you’re tired! 50 isn’t that far away from me, and you don’t see me whining that I’m tired!!!”

    My boy starts back next week for only 3 days. Thank goodness, because if they did 5 right away, he might have turned into a WWE wrestling heel. Mini and him will be sleeping by 10 after three days.

    I was feeling good on my latest run, but I got a calf strain after 1.4 miles. Oh well, I’ll just hit the weights a few times this week.


  2. Regarding your shoes: It’s always a weird feeling when you go one way and everyone else is going another way. The other day my fitness group had a Hawaiian themed workout (don’t ask). I guess I was the who didn’t get the memo about dressing up “Hawaiian”.

    Coffee: I’d say about a 5. I never drank coffee on a regular basis before getting married. If it’s in front of me, I’ll have it. That said, I tend to drink more of it while vacationing for some reason. Normally, I take my coffee black with a couple ice cubes; however, I go a bit wild on vacation with adding a bit of milk and sugar to my coffee.

    Walking: Overall, I would say yes, but I guess it depends on where I am.


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