REPOST!! I’m a Pioneer!

The post below was originally published June 7, 2021. At this moment, I’m probably basking unashamedly on the beach with a cup of coffee. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, as well!

I need friends. Running friends. Running friends who only run when it’s incredibly hot outside and I can’t go out there to run. Too much? So I joined Strava.

Find me on Strava!

Then I decided to channel my inner woman of the wild and become a canning master! Next up: living in a hut and churning my own butter. Right. I know.

As a writer, grammar and spelling are important to me, as well as consistent fonts across a document. It’s my job. I appreciate when someone’s email signature line is short, concise, and, most importantly, legible! You may be asking how an email could possibly be anything other than legible; rest assured, I’ve seen it all. It’s not pretty.

Full disclosure: I don’t believe everything I read on the internet. Tell me you don’t either. So I did my own research. Turns out it is true!

My dreamer mindset got a little excited, to tell the truth. But as for adding it to the bucket list? No thanks. The part that negated all my dreams was “The real-life walk would be grueling, filled with scary animals and diversely bad weather.” Nope, nope, and nope. Next, please.


I ask you –

What’s your Strava information? Please comment below. I need friends!

Have you ever canned anything? What should I can next?

Tell me something on your bucket list!

4 thoughts on “REPOST!! I’m a Pioneer!

  1. Homemade canned strawberry jam is the BEST! It’s the only jam my daughter will eat now. Spoiled? A bit. I recently canned some pear jam but I haven’t tried it yet. A neighbor had bought some pear jam and it was so good I thought I’d try canning my own since it’s so hard to find in the store. Tomato sauce and salsa are both easy to can and really good.


  2. A couple things here. I grow hot peppers. REALLY hot peppers! So a couple months ago I made some mustard with chocolate habaneros, mango, shallots and garlic. It came out delicious! But it went bad in the fridge before I could finish it all. So I decided to can some! In those very small 4oz quilted mason jars. Also, I love strawberry jam and have made strawberry pepper jam.
    As far as that walk, I’d love to maje it, but I’d be more scared of ending up a prisoner of Al Queda!


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