Island Life in Photos

Back to South Padre Island we went! It’s sad I had to go to the beach to see any measurable rain. Speaking of rain, all of Texas is so dry. We encountered no less than a dozen burnt patches of land between N. TX and the island. Also a full-blown fire in progress. Send rain.

We spent a lot of time at the pool and a similar amount of time in the ocean. 7 bottles of sunscreen later…

Landshark is my go-to. No idea why I like it but I only drink it at the beach. South Padre’s proximity to Mexico is an invitation for the spiciest, most authentic tacos in the world. And since I can’t resist cilantro, I purchased some Cilantro Sauce at the local Farmer’s Market then proceeded to eat it at every meal. I’m on vacation.

Speaking of food, I also ate my weight in fish and limes. Oh, and gelato. I ate a lot of that, too. Really I only ate a lot of gelato because I was the designated driver on vacation and responsible for picking up our meals. So when asked to deliver gelato, I charged adequate tax on my Uber eats-esque services. One bite for me, one bite for you. Fair is fair. It was 90°, as well, so there’s that.

When in Rome… seeing as how it was quite cooler than North Texas, I took everyone’s advice and brought my running shoes! Somehow I only had to look at the sand and suddenly it was inside my socks. Magic. Between early morning runs and coffee 2-3x a day, I’m the most relaxed I’ve been all year.

I would share more, but there’s a stack of laundry to be done and I still have to de-sand our beach accessories. I feel a procrastinap coming on.


I ask you –

Did you vacation this year? Where?

Have you encountered an extra dry season?

Tell me how much laundry you do when you return from a trip. Avg 3 loads.

4 thoughts on “Island Life in Photos

  1. Went to Topsail Island, NC in July. 600 miles from Pittsburgh. 11 hour drive one way. I ran a few miles while I was down there. One run was at 2p.m.: temp was 92, heat index 109.

    The summer of 1988 was dry and hot here. We rarely go above 100 here, and that year, we did it 3 times…almost 7 or 8 times.

    We had about 5 loads of laundry when we got back.


  2. My summer vacation was in Costa Rica. It was rainy season so it was a nice relief from the heat in NC (and I don’t mind rain as long as it’s warm outside). We’ve been having a fairly rainy summer with thunderstorms although this past week it’s been so dry with no rain in sight.
    I try to do laundry the day before I go on vacation so I’ve been lucky enough to not have any or minimal laundry to do when I get home.


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