Summer Planning

With an impending TN summer on the horizon for mini, I need to find things to do with my time. Things that don’t include cleaning or working.

  1. Read all the books
  2. Create a photo album of mini’s 2021 summer vacation photos + kindergarten photos
  3. Organize mini’s massive amount of outgrown clothing
  4. Write copious amounts of blog posts to make up for all the times I’m scrambling on Sundays.
  5. Do nothing until approximately 24 hrs before mini returns, then frantically attempt to complete the above list.

All jokes aside. I sort of got a headstart on #1. Morgan from Oregon (soon to be known as just Morgan) gifted me this fantastic set of books by author Sarah Centrella. Her writing style is fun yet also very real. No spoilers from me. I love workbook-style books, too, so these are perfect for me. As I received my performance appraisal a short time ago, the final question was “What does Kelly see in her 10 year plan?” Can we just make it through today?! Luckily, I had already begun working through the guide for th we books so I was able to answer in the best way possible. “Let me get back to you!” No, I didn’t say that. For the most part.

a gift!

Broken record alert! Considering another run streak. Just to have a summer goal. Maybe June-July? One easy mile/day. More if I feel up to it. Obviously it would mostly all be treadmill miles because Texas summer is similar to the pits of hell. Pretty sure I’m right. The 5 day break we got from the heat was most appreciated, but don’t anticipate it happening again until…oh… probably November. Just something to consider. …the running. Not the heat. It stays. Moving on!

Short of registering for another degree and finishing up a book, I don’t know exactly what I want to accomplish this summer. Since those are revolving projects, best I stay the course. Hello, library!


I ask you –

What are your summer plans?

Do you like self-help type books? If not, what is your favorite genre?

Vote yes or absolutely not: 60 day running streak!

3 thoughts on “Summer Planning

  1. I definitely need to make some summer plans! I am thinking of doing a van build, and once I figure out how to make that happen, that might end up being my summer plan in a nutshell. Otherwise, I have one trip to San Diego in June and probably a lot of yard work on the horizon. I put off installing a paver patio last year, but now really feel like I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and make it happen (maybe by paying someone else to do the initial dirt work). To the run streak, I say yay! Maybe I could be convinced to join you for a 30-day run streak…


    1. First, thank you for your wonderful naming convention! Just seeing your name pop up made my whole day!

      Love love love the van idea. Please keep me updated on your plans and progress! Need any help in sunny San Diego?! I love that place ❤️

      Join me for 30 days! And I’ll join you in spirit on the patio project haha


  2. My summer plans are my wife’s and son’s summer plans. Last year they went to the Jersey Shore without me because I just started a new job. I read a book and exercised a ton that week.

    My favorite books are ones that aren’t about murder and doom. My wife is always watching murder shows, so I assume she’s plotting my demise.

    I can’t even find the time to run 2 days in a row. 60 straight would be amazing. I can only imagine how far I could run if I went 60 days in a row. So, yes.


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