Noticeable Notables

Exhibit A

This standing desk contraption (Varidesk) has turned out to be a game changer in my life. For years, I would have digestive issues, presumably from sitting all day. Even the usual daily walking or exercise really didn’t alleviate all the symptoms. So I transitioned to standing. At first, my legs and feet didn’t enjoy the change, but I’ve now grown accustomed to standing for 7+ hrs. Don’t even notice anymore.

Exhibit B

As I am… how do you say it … directionally challenged, I downloaded this fancy tool called a compass. So now I’m 100% right when I give directions vs 1000% wrong. People seem to appreciate that. As a work colleague and I were discussing my propensity to be wrong all the time, I casually mentioned my dad worked for TXDoT for a billion years and knew every direction instantly. AND THEN the work colleague stated what if he was just telling you a direction the whole time because he really had no clue. What if?! To me this sounds like he’s the reason I can’t get directions correct and it’s not my fault at all! Seriously, if I give you directions using North, South, East, West, you should do exactly the opposite of what I’ve instructed you. 180°. Then I’m right.

app version

Exhibit C

Strength training is very much the piece I’ve been missing in my fitness life. Even though I dislike the word ‘balance’, I do feel balanced in my lifting/running routine. It’s nice to look forward to run days as well as strength days. Over the weekend, I ran my longest distance since December 2021…a whopping 5.71 miles. Granted it was a lovely 65° outside instead of the usual (lately) 105°. With this weather rollercoaster, I’ve been forced to stay indoors so I jumped at the opportunity to run outside. Then it was knee-icing time. I wouldn’t say it’s pain; maybe more of a higher level of uncomfortableness. I really have to focus on pushing my knee outward instead of letting it do what it wants to do which is collapse inward. Overall, I feel good.

ice time

Proper stretching, nutrition, sleep, and even ice/heat have found their place in my schedule. Not only do I not take for granted my ability to run, but I’m attempting to be a good example of what to do. And when I need extra rest, I don’t beat myself up over it. For the most part. I have missed a few speed/cadence/drill workouts this cycle. Funny thing is it really hasn’t impacted my running much. Again, not suggesting this is the way to go – simply saying it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. I’ll still make it to the 10k goal. Right now I think that distance is just right for me. Next December, though, well…all bets are off!


I ask you –

Which exhibit resonates more with you – A, B, or C?

Are you directionally challenged and/or do you own a compass?

Choose one: ice or heat! No context. Just choose one.

5 thoughts on “Noticeable Notables

  1. 5.71, nice Kel. I have to get here. This year has been too busy for me. The best I have done before stopping is 3.1 in 2022.
    C. My weight training last year was my best ever (at 45! 45!), and I could casually run 4 miles in 72 degrees. It was epic.
    I’m a human map. The irony? I never travel. I’m a geography whiz as well.
    Ice. Ice cream. Ice cream sandwiches. ICEE drinks.


      1. No money. I grew up a broke city kid. Now, I’m doing better, but just bill poor. Plus, flying is expensive and unpredictable. Having an 8-year-old with obligations to him makes flying a risky choice–especially if we went overseas. I’ll get my passport one day! Never needed one.


  2. My son is 34 now and has been a weight lifter since he was at LSU getting his bachelor’s in Kinesiology. He’s built like a body builder but refuses to stretch after lifting! On the other hand I spend a lot of time stretching after lifting. I thing the older you get the more important maintaining your flexibility is.


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