Some Holiday Things

The holidays are laden with good food! My sister and I took a chance on making our own homemade cranberry sauce because Aunt Mary Catherine’s is a tradition. We went heavy on the orange but I thought it was splendid!

We even did some Black Friday shopping. It wasn’t bad at all. I thought surely there would be millions of people out, cue the angry mobs – alas, not so much. Not even at Walmart! Gasp.


Of course I didn’t get anything on the Christmas list but whatever. I have a few more weekends of procrastination. We did take mini to the “spa”. Somehow she conned her way into the full princess treatment complete with snacks. This girl. Then she couldn’t be peeled off the walls the remainder of the afternoon.

Who knew a mani/pedi was the ticket to a girl’s heart? Me. I did.


I ask you –

What is your signature holiday dish?

Do you shop on black Friday? Cyber Monday?

Tell me about your favorite Christmas light display!

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3 thoughts on “Some Holiday Things

  1. Probably my most popular holiday dish is sweet potato casserole, with pecans on top but no mini marshmallows. My daughter could just eat that for dinner and be happy.
    I don’t usually shop on Black Friday but if I need something anyway I’ll get some things on Cyber Monday. I don’t buy just to buy though.
    We have a tradition on Christmas Eve where we drive around about a 30-minute radius from our house to look at Christmas lights. Even the dog goes. There’s a local news site where people can upload their address so I make a Google map out the places and off we go! It’s fun.


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