It Might Be Time –

– to let some things fall off my plate. I was late to something 4x last week. That’s a 400% increase in my forever record. No one cared but still.

– to take myself on a date. Books and coffee sound marvelous right now.

– to really heed that 2pm alarm where previously I would take a break, take a walk, generally just escape for even 10 mins. Surely haven’t been doing that.

– to plan a getaway for the month break I have around Christmas before I embark on 2 courses during the same 8 week period.

– to forgive myself for not “having it together”. Because no one does.

– to really make a conscious effort to slow down.

Surely there’s at least a hundred other things to add to this list but it’s definitely time for me to…find something else, something more positive to write about.


I ask you –

What are some things you need to make time to do?

Which of these resonates most with you?

Tell me how often you make lists!

(The post It Might Be Time – first appeared here at Running on Fumes.)

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