Day in Photos, pt 4 + Snow Notes

First snowstorm of 2022 was a rousing success, in my humble, North Texas, don’t drive on wet pavement opinion.

Also, I had just recovered from a stomach bug my generous mini brought home from school. Bless her heart. Every single year during Jan/Feb time frame, I inevitably contract some sort of digestive issue resulting in at least 24 hours of disgusting unmentionable symptoms. Truly an exciting time to look forward to. You may think I’m being dramatic, but I’m not. Every year for the past 10+ years. Like clockwork. It’s a running joke now. If you’ll recall, I was almost finished with a 31 day run streak in Jan 2021 when I got suspected food poisoning on the 27th. Run streak: busted. I could barely walk to the bathroom much less run.

Anyway, the photos. Who needs proper snow weather clothing when Crocs and a thin nightgown will do just fine.

Anyone else addicted to the popular game Wordle? Jason, I know you are! I’ve got two degrees and this is what I use them for.

Doing well!

As the day progressed, it got colder and snow-ier. We also found appropriate clothing, less pants that fit. Stop growing! If anyone is looking for me, I’ll be scouring all 3 local stores in search of ski or snow pants for an almost six year old.

Sledding for days

As my office and I were discussing the possibility of snow days, of course talk turned to driving on ice. I stayed quiet. Upon my coworker’s remembrance of the reason I don’t drive in this weather anymore, the next sentence ensued “…what kind of employer would make their employee drive to work in that?” Let me clear it up. No one except my own insane need to do what I felt was right made me drive that day. I felt a loyalty to people I worked with and for. Repeatedly they instructed me to stay home. Repeatedly I replied I got this. And we know how it ended. Now, I am thankful each day I believe in my heart there is nowhere I am more needed than to stay home when the weather turns bad. My family is here and I have nowhere to be.

Now excuse me while I patiently await the next round of snow days. After a weekend of 70 degree weather to make it really complicated.


I ask you –

Do you play outside in the snow? I’d rather watch.

Wordle! Who else plays?

Give me your best snowman-building tricks!

3 thoughts on “Day in Photos, pt 4 + Snow Notes

  1. We had snow couple weeks ago. I took advantage of it to go out and run. Snow started light but then got heavy. It felt heavy too. It was almost like running in a swimming pool. We had maybe 2 inches. Not much but enough to provide drag, Resistance training. I had a good workout. My shoes got wet and it was no longer fun. cars on the roads started to slid and spin — telling me time for me to get back indoor. I said dear God don’t crash into me. We don’t have much snow here, but when we do, cars go crazy


    1. Cars and people alike get crazy in Texas, too. They start panic buying everything and driving wayyyyyy too fast.

      I would be very worried about running near roads. So glad you made it back safely, Antin


  2. Aw so sorry to hear about your stomach bug but glad you’re feeling better! Wordle fan here! I created a “Wordle Crew” chat at work and my husband and good friend play every morning and send stats to each other. I like it because it’s very bite-sized and doesn’t require a ton of commitment but just the right amount of hard thinking 🙂 and it feels like another way to connect through technology and it’s bonding us all in a weird way during this pandemic!

    I live in Canada so I guess in a way I do like the snow (it’s build in my blood stream lol) but I DON’t LOVE IT… I guess I tolerate it because my 3yo loves the snow and all snow-related activities so there’s that…. 🙂


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