Mom Fails, pt whatever

Narrative: mini’s class was having a movie day experience and a message was sent to parents for help acquiring small boxes of candy.

My perspective: this time, I’m not responding. I don’t have time this week to peruse for candy boxes. Too much on my plate, but I’ll check back to ensure what was needed was purchased, then, if not, I’ll chime in.

Spoiler alert: all candy was successfully located.

Credit: mommy.meds via Instagram

Final observation: a mom whom I know personally and absolutely love had the final say – to the effect of if you have the dollar general app then candy is buy three get one free. FIRST, I had no idea there was a dollar general app. SECOND, this is the mom level I aspire to…the one who knows about apps and deals and where to go for the best coupons. LASTLY, what an amazing person to share this info for those of us who flounder around in the world with no real experience in “mom’ing” and rely on other mommier moms for encouragement. Isn’t it like us to compare and see others doing it better (or so we think)? Let it be known, I don’t doubt my mom abilities, but I am very realistic about my strengths and weaknesses! Becoming a candy purchaser is not my forte – lest I buy the celery-flavored stuff.

And we all know how that turned out!


I ask you –

What’s your favorite movie candy?

Did you know there was a Dollar General app?

Link to my celery debacle post: Rants & Raves – RoF Edition

4 thoughts on “Mom Fails, pt whatever

  1. Glad that you have a “mom’ier” mom to show you the ropes. 🙂

    What’s your favorite movie candy?
    Without a doubt, Whoppers. But, I bring my own bc I”m not paying $8 for a box of whoppers in a movie theater.

    Did you know there was a Dollar General app?
    Nope, but I have not been to a Dollar General in ages.


  2. I usually select old people candy like Raisinettes and Sno Caps. I’m not going to shy away from candy that will die with the Gen-Xers.

    I’m not surprised about the DG app. I’m sure that all my house toilets will be connected to an ap by 2035. High-tech poop. There’s an ap for almost everything.


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