Halloween Spirit

What’s scarier than Advanced Public Finance and Budgeting? Except the fact I don’t recall taking basic finance and budgeting.

As I’m not really a spooky Halloween spirit type of gal, I could take it or leave it. But any chance of mini dressing up and she’s all for it. Somehow October kind of got away from me – now we’re less than a week away from Halloween. All I’ve done is purchase a costume and candy. But that’s pretty much the only requirement, right?

Apparently kids love these

If you ever see me in a haunted house, just know I’ve been kidnapped; please call the authorities to rescue me. Seriously.


I ask you –

Do you enjoy Halloween?

Thoughts on haunted houses?

Porch light on or off?! Off. We go to a different neighborhood. No naked neighbors for me!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Spirit

  1. I’m okay with Halloween. I give out the candy at the house.

    Haunted houses are definitely haunted. So are haunted tunnels. And auditoriums. And some libraries.

    Our neighborhood is crazy-nice for Halloween. I give out 2 snack size bars to kids. One year when we had really nice weather, I went through 21 bags of candy. This year, I purchased 17 bags. If our weather sucks, I’ll have plenty of leftovers.


  2. Where I live now there are small cul-de-sacs throughout the neighborhood and many kids don’t venture out that far on Halloween. I buy a small bag of candy and always have leftovers. Don’t really get into Halloween that much. About the most I’ll do is dress up for our run club Halloween party (I was a piece of pumpkin pie this year, with a handmade 3-D slice of pie on a paper plate on my chest, along with a plastic fork and a white fluffy hat on my head, the whipped cream).


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