Wrapping Up a Few Thoughts

Anybody else panic at knowing the “big hugs” and “so funny I might pee on myself” emojis on Facebook are right next to each other? Just me. I get so much anxiety when reacting to a post. What if I click the laughing face when they’re expressing something sorrowful? Ugh. Social media managers clearly did this on purpose.

And since I’m not a let-me-tell-you-the-problem-minus-a-solution person, I propose users receive a REORDER EMOJIS icon. Not like buy new emojis, but rearrange emojis instead. Simple end user function. With WordPress I’m able to literally change every part of the blog experience. Granted, I pay for this service; most social media platforms are free, but would benefit from this small change! (I feel like I previously posted the above info but I couldn’t find it on another post. So if you’re reading this twice, whoopsies!)

This is how I know it’s cycle time. And I don’t mean bicycle. I genuinely don’t remember why I was even at the store, but this is what I came home with. Completely out of control. Refer to Monday’s post if you don’t believe me.

Fruit. I love fruit. My new nickname at work is Kiwi Kel. Long story. We’ll get there another day.


I ask you –

Have you ever had a wacky nickname?

What is your favorite fruit?

Pick one: Cookies or cake. Cookies. Always.

4 thoughts on “Wrapping Up a Few Thoughts

  1. I’ve had 342 different nicknames. The most wacky that is work-appropriate? Uncle Fester, or Fester.

    When I was a groundskeeper, I would have a helluva time keeping sunscreen on my bald head when it would get REALLY hot outside. So, I would lather on cream sunscreen so thick, my skin would be white–just like Uncle Fester’s bald head in The Addams Family. I unapologetically looked ridiculous, but it worked.

    Any fruit that works well in pie, so…many of them.

    They serve cookies in Heaven. I can’t confirm this, but I’m sure of it. It’s also where all the Long John Silver’s restaurants go when they close down. All the crispies you want without the guilt.


    1. On the bright side (no pun intended), it’s fantastic you used sunscreen! The head, neck, and ears are actually the most common places people forget to apply sunscreen. You earned your nickname!

      Deep fried goodness and cookies galore. I’m ready when He is.

      Thank you for your comment, Larry. Hope you have an amazing day!

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