Gym Faux Pas

As I’ve made going to the gym a regular occurrence, it’s time to report on what I’ve witnessed thus far.

  1. Stretchy Lady – the one who chooses to stretch in the locker room, centered in the walkway, the only entrance/exit to said locker room which forces the remainder of us to navigate around her with our gym bags. She’s going to get whacked. Sorry, not sorry.
  2. Treadmill Guy – who leaves his gym bag and various other paraphernalia behind the treadmill which impedes patron’s ability to reach other treadmills and equipment. Then, he laughs obnoxiously loud whilst watching Fox News. What could possibly be funny is beyond me.
  3. Weight Whiners – these pieces of work take one of every single weight of dumbbell back to their bench lair and hide them under it like little trolls. I’m thankful we have a gym with multiples of the same weight, but it’s annoying to go search for another dumbbell. My obvious glare should be enough to reason with them.

Sort of gym-related, I need a shirt that says DO NOT FEED DONUTS! This is not a weight issue. It’s a serious problem for me! I see donut. I eat donut. What’s self control anyway?

The weather is completely uncooperative. 98° in April? Someone told me we beat a previously held record in the 1920’s because this particular day it hit 103°. I’m not ready! For those of you who faithfully read my blog and mention snow or rain, I’m jealous. Texas is in a pattern of tornado-wind-drought-hell. Send rain!

photography skills are exceptional

As time goes on, I feel even more strongly I must have some Italian heritage because I can’t talk without my hands. The injury above proves it. How does one scratch the skin off of the area above their eye whilst telling a story? Oh so gracefully! I’m sure it won’t be the last time.


I ask you

Do you relate to any of the 3 aforementioned gym fanatics?

Are you a hand talker, too?!

Go ahead. Tell me what weather you’re experiencing this week. Hot, hot, hot.

6 thoughts on “Gym Faux Pas

  1. My gym is in my basement and I run in my neighborhood, so thankfully my introvert self cannot relate. 🙂
    I’m just thankful I can talk. I can’t talk with my hands, because I’ve been told I can’t multi-task.
    Today is day 3 of 80 degree weather in Pittsburgh. For this time of year, that’s 15 degrees above normal. Wednesday, our high is supposed to be 45, which is 20 degrees below normal. So yeah, that’s fun.
    Donuts are the best. I don’t understand your problem with donuts, because I don’t see what the problem is. Yeah, they’re high in calories, but they’re high in joy. They bring joy to the world.


    1. I have a home gym, as well, but during the work day it’s easier for me to go to an actual gym. Easier doesn’t always equal better though!

      Wow! Your weather sounds like Texas, too!

      No, no, I don’t have a problem with donuts. The lack of a problem is the problem itself!! Donuts bring me tons of joy!

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  2. I can totally relate! That’s why I invested in a home gym. And the perfume/cologne of certain gym goers was too overpowering, lol.


  3. 4. The Take No Responsibility folks

    I am continually having to pick up after other people. Apparently they think those racks are just a suggestion, as they leave dumbbells and weight plates everywhere. I always feel like a mom picking up after kids. Cue sigh and eye roll.


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