Race Weekend is Upon Us! + Track Me!

You can track me using this link (find my name – Kelly Atwell): https://rtrt.me/ulink/RRSA/RRS-DALLAS-2021/tracker/RBRE5GLH/focus

I love races with real time tracking! There’s many cool things about tracking race participants, notably finding out if they finished, but also being able to receive real time stats (that’s my favorite!). And who doesn’t love a good stalker app. It’s literally permission to stalk someone. So weird.

So I don’t have a “real” post for today – this might be the only time I’ve ever said that. I’m really excited to race and then take an extended, forced break. More on that later. On Sunday afternoon’s drive home, I’ll re-cap the race, load photos, and give you all the ins/outs of racing the BMW Dallas Half Marathon for Monday’s post. I’ve tried to take it easy this week – doubling down on low stress, stretching religiously, eating well, and sleeping more to ensure I can meet my goal.

It may not be much to anyone else, but to me this goal is doable and a long time coming. I’ve really put my body to the test during this cycle – never before have I been so cognizant of tempo runs, cadence workouts, strides, and progression runs. Some of those have become dirty words in my vocabulary!

Wish me luck!


I ask you –

What are you currently training for?

How often do you use tempo and progression runs in your training?

Give me some words to use when it gets hard!

6 thoughts on “Race Weekend is Upon Us! + Track Me!

  1. I like race trackers ONLY when they are accurate. For Madrid’s half, my in-laws were waiting for me to cross a certain point on the course . . . come to find out that I had past them 15 or so minutes, but the tracker said that I was still on the way. Perhaps, the tracker really worked and they missed me because they were eating tapas. 😉

    -Currently training for my half marathons in Jan, Feb, and Mar. I need to find a half or a full marathon for April.

    -This time around, I’m going to really try to incorporate more tempo runs into my training. In fact, I did one today.

    -Hmmmm words of encouragement: Olive Garden’s unlimited soup and salad.

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    1. Very true! I’ve seen some trackers that were a little slow (minus the tapas haha).
      I’m so inspired by you! A few years ago, I did a half every month for 3 months, but had no desire for a 4th.
      Yes! I love OG’s salad!!!


  2. There will be pecan pie, mass quantities, when you finish!!!!!!! How’s that for words when it gets hard 🙂 Love ya, Kully!!!!! Good luck


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