Rants & Raves, RoF Edition

There’s a time to rant and there’s a time to praise. Unfortunately, now is not the latter. It could be, but it’s not.

Credit: momsbehavingbadly via Instagram

Group text from school system with individual phone numbers listed: blah blah blah, your child’s order is in; report to this place between these hours

Random number: What do we do if we didn’t receive our entire order?

Me: I’ll tell you what you don’t do! Don’t reply all to this message because it’s probably a) unattended and b) unlikely to help your situation. But it will make the remainder of us who didn’t ask to be a part of this group text really angry.

If you intend to homeschool your children, then please do so. Emphasis on the school part. When your teenager can’t tie their shoes, your schooling ideas are failing. Choosing to homeschool your children makes you directly responsible for their education. You have forgone the right to blame public education for your mistakes. Shoes and all. Home schooling is not an excuse to not send your children to school.  It’s a conscious choice to take sole responsibility in creating valued members of society. Not for the faint of heart, I’m sure. I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. Note: wanted…past tense.

And if this isn’t enough to make you laugh, then you’re beyond help. Mini, along with her classmates, was instructed to bring bite-sized pieces of things to the class’s Thanksgiving feast. Parents were told to choose 3-4 items, then you would be told which of your choices to bring to school. Some followed the instructions, others not so much. When I positively told mini what she (I) had been assigned, her disdain and palpable disbelief was comical only to me. Days later, she still sounds upset whilst I giggle.

Celery. Mini had to bring celery. Apparently it’s the most hated food ever. My thought was some child will be overjoyed to see celery because it’s their favorite food! Alas, nothing could be worse than being the child chosen to bring… celery.

Final update: as I suspected, there was ONE child who proclaimed their love of celery.

Mommy: 1. Life: 8,374,150.


I ask you –

How much do you ensure not to reply all when it’s not warranted?

Were you homeschooled? How did it work out for you?

Name your most despised food! Sauerkraut, for one.

7 thoughts on “Rants & Raves, RoF Edition

  1. Rare is my use of the “Reply All’ function, but it will clear the decks of meaningful opposition when properly used. So a nice tool to have in the box when required.

    I started kindergarten in 1965. There was no such thing as “home schooling” in those days. What we had in abundance were teachers who knew their game, and any extended period of “home schooling” resulted in a visit from the Truant Officer and potential trouble for the parents. Yikes! My classrooms until high school were exactly like the one depicted in the movie “A Christmas Story”. I see those scenes and I can smell the wood desks and the paste.

    Most despised food? None. I don’t particularly care for watermelon, or any other melon for that matter, but I will eat it if I need to be polite. And a lot of folks tend to overdue the cilantro in recipes, but I can generally live with that, I guess. I am well known in my family as the guy who’ll eat anything, and I suppose I have. And I must say that with one or two exceptions, it was all pretty good.


  2. I rarely use reply all. (I also dislike group text messages, especially when people “like” a message, ensuring I get a million notifications).
    I was homeschooled for high school- and now I’m a high school teacher 😆
    Most despised food? Probably raw oysters.


    1. Amy, I had forgotten you were homeschooled for a few years. You always were more diligent than the rest of us so it put you into a great position to learn on your own!

      Yes, agreed. Raw oysters are like elephant boogers!


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