Slow Roll

Awhile back, my boss requested I add “Drive By Discussion” to the calendar with a list of people to meet with. So I did. But for the remainder of the day, I was met with “why would you write that?” or “did she really say that?” Yes, yes she did. Clearly I Amelia Bedelia’d it. Accidentally on purpose. It was just too funny not to take advantage of. No sense of humor, I tell ya’!

Anyway, as I took a weekend to complete my own drive by of others’ homes and yards and gardens, the gorgeous Texas photo opportunities were limitless. Hope you enjoy. And, if not, oh well.

For someone who can’t keep one plant alive, I sure enjoy looking at the fruit of other’s hard work. Too bad horticulture and the like aren’t inherited. Consolation prize. I got humor!


I ask you –

What’s your thoughts on drive by’s? Not funny?

Have you ever stolen plants from someone else’s yard? I thought about it!

Tell me your favorite local/native flower!

Round and Round and Round

Typical of me to change plans halfway through a very labor intensive project. You know, like running. Something told me to build a 13 week training plan just in case of unexpected events. You know, like mind changing. So here we are. I’m officially beginning week 8 now. One small exception: due to aforementioned events, my long run was yesterday vice Saturday so today’s 4 miles have been cancelled. Unless I’m feeling motivated. Standby.

The relief is palpable. Don’t get me wrong; I love running. Really. But even marathoners don’t run long distances 3 days in a row. Not the ones I keep up with anyway. My shins were starting to feel like the muscle was pulling away from the bone. If that isn’t a pretty picture.

Also, many are familiar with the Hotter’n’Hell Hundred. That huge bicycling event in the throes of a Texas summer. I continue to ward off invitations to join this year, but my willpower is waning. Insanity. I mean I do own a bike. And I can train for it. The shortest distance is 25 miles. Doable. Ehhhh. We’ll see.

this is the face I make when someone from work tells me I should try walking the stairs during my lunch hour

Being kind can be difficult especially if your face speaks for itself. Like mine.


I ask you –

Should I enter the hottest bike ride in the universe?

Do you find yourself constantly changing plans?

Tell me your thoughts on riding a bicycle.