An Ode to Angel Bites

There once lived a lovely woman named Kathy and she made angel bites. She owned an amazing deli; her additional role was wedding catering. She probably catered other events but you could always find her at bridal expos. Whatever cakes didn’t sell or perhaps she had extra pieces of cake – she’d use those to form cake bites. I believe it probably started with vanilla cake (angel bites) and chocolate cake (devil bites). Eventually she made lemon bites, red velvet bites, carrot cake bites, etc. That lemon was superb!

love note from mini

After many years, she closed her storefront. People were devastated. Me. I’m people. Then I moved away expecting to never have another angel bite in my life. Fast forward to last week. I’d heard rumors that Kathy’s relatives had resurrected her recipe and occasionally sold the elusive bites in some downtown local businesses. But every time I went to those businesses – no angel bites. Luck would have it, I stopped by The Shops whilst attempting to kill time. Ta-da! Angel bites! 4 boxes later (and a truly inspiring conversation with a woman my age who had a recent hip replacement), I was on my way, angel bites in hand. Pretty sure mini ate 2 for breakfast. Maybe I did, too.

To celebrate our birthday and lucky number, Spare Parts and I went shopping, spa’d, ate cake, sushi, and did all kinds of other things. Because why not? 37 isn’t a landmark birthday but we made the most of it! Just like the family of Kathy who continue creating glorious bites of cake that only the strongest sugar molecules can withstand.


I ask you –

Have you ever eaten anything like an angel/devil bite?

How did you celebrate your most recent birthday?

Write a love note to someone and surprise them with it!

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5 thoughts on “An Ode to Angel Bites

  1. Happy belated bday!!!! I think every bday (especially after living in a COVID world) is a landmark. 😉
    Have you ever eaten anything like an angel/devil bite? Like running to travel mentioned, I have if you consider cake pops.
    How did you celebrate your most recent birthday? Believe it or not, I don’t really like celebrating my birthday (aside from taking the day off from work and life). I cannot remember what I did for my most recent; I probably had dinner and a bunch of gin-based cocktails. While I never been a fan of celebrating my bday, I think Michael Jackson’s death put the nail in the coffin (so to speak) regarding my bday. On that day (6/25/09), all conversations went like this: I cannot believe he is gone. Oh, btw, happy birthday. Seriously, can you believe he is gone? . . . Ok, We’ll ignore this one and focus on next year’s bday. Nope, didn’t happen because of all of tributes for the 1yr anniversary of his death.


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