Adult Life

Three easy things that reinforce to me I can be an adult:

  • Full tank of gas
  • Clean car
  • Fully charged phone

I’m 2 for 3. But that’s not the point right now.

It’s funny how I thought I was sooooooo busy the previous semesters with my one little classes. How cute. Now I’m overwhelmed yet trying to remember to take it day by day. Much like just trying to stay afloat. There’s no getting ahead – you keep paddling so you don’t drown.

she gets me

Being someone who places efficiency in the highest regard, it really really really sucks when around others who do not. I said it. In fact, I’d venture to say it’s the most frustrating, most angry version of myself whom encounters it. Disclaimer – I do appreciate the strolling, take-it-easy form of life. At times. But when something needs to be done, I want it done. Now. Not later. Not when you feel like it. Now. Typically it’s the mundane things, like recognizing something should be done. But it’s exhausting when adults have to remind, console, beg, ultimatum, or some version of the previous to get a simple task completed.

I just need people to act like adults. Take your helpless, inefficient, ineffective, immature self somewhere else. Last time I checked, there is only one person in this world I’m responsible for raising. And, truthfully, she could put some people I deal with to shame.

Get it together. Sincerely, an overwhelmed, exhausted mom of one.


I ask you –

Do you place efficiency high on your list?

What things make you feel like an adult?

Advice? …throat punching sounds fun…

(The post Adult Life first appeared here at Running on Fumes.)

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3 thoughts on “Adult Life

  1. LOL. The first part of your post reminds me that I really want to wash the car this week. It’s been to do this because there was plenty of rain in the forecast for the past few weeks. Sometimes, I’m like what’s the point of washing and waxing the car when it’s going to rain within 1-3 days?

    Do you place efficiency high on your list? I really try to . . . sometimes to my own detriment. I usually have the mindset of doing things myself (rather than deligating) because I’ll know that it will get done.

    What things make you feel like an adult? Hmmmm. I guess taking the high road or admitting that I’m wrong when I’m actually right.

    Advice? …throat punching sounds fun… Why not a choke-slam? Two attacks for the price of one. 😉


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