Finding Joy + Important Question

Sep 1st I’m starting a half marathon training plan. Not because I have a race in mind, but because it’s fall and that’s what I do. I train. I am the driver. I must drive! Also because running is my escape and with school starting mid-Sep then I’m going to need to escape from my laptop. And running brings me joy so why not.

A radio caller posed a question: “Should I let my 12 yr old wear makeup?” Nearly everyone on the show stated no. I didn’t see the problem. Mini has been wearing makeup since she was 2. No, she doesn’t wear it anywhere except to church. My reasoning has always been when you make something mysterious, when it becomes a big secret, that’s when it develops into forbidden fruit. She’s been watching me do my own makeup her whole life; naturally she wanted to participate. Putting makeup on brings her joy. Truthfully, she’s really great at eyeliner. She should give me lessons because mine sucks. For her, makeup isn’t about covering an insecurity or for attention…she genuinely loves blending colors and watching it transform to the finished product. Makeup artists are, in my opinion, creators on a living canvas. Joyful.

A lovely friend often uses the phrase ‘finding joy’. One day she stated she saw a cabinet of candles in her home and silently asked herself why she wasn’t using them. She recognized unlit candles were not bringing her joy so she made a change. Hello, fire! I, too, have a host of candles I never light. Sounds like I need to do something about it pronto. My “Is this bringing me joy?” moment revolves around perfume. I noticed I own several bottles of the same scent of expensive, glorious perfume, but rarely do I wear it. Not anymore. Mini has her own makeup and body spray I encourage her to wear – it’s about time I take my own advice.

Minus the dramatic, winged eyeliner. I’m not there yet.


I ask you –

What brings you joy?

How would you have answered the question of a 12 yr old wearing makeup?

Tell me how many candles you currently have in your home! At least 6.

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14 thoughts on “Finding Joy + Important Question

  1. 1. My son and running. Am I supposed to say my wife here as well? Okay, my wife, but see answer 3.

    2. Meh, after seeing my niece doing gymnastics when she was 9-10, almost ALL the girls had some type of makeup on then. So 12? Ain’t no big deal.

    3. I had an intervention with my wife about candles. She had those WICKED LAWGE Aldi candles all over our closet…35 unused candles. THIRTY-FIVE. I wish she had 6 candles. Zoinks.


      1. When she would burn multiple candles at a time, the house would smell like the ocean, the forest, a pumpkin patch, and an apple pie at the same instance.


  2. I agree with you about makeup. The forbidden fruit analogy is a good one. My daughter started experimenting with makeup when she was in middle school and now that she’s in high school she’s matured enough to learn the balance with makeup. Basically she’s learned not to overdo it with the eye makeup and how to make it emphasize her eyes and face rather than be distracting.
    I think there are somewhere around 7 or 8 candles spread throughout the house. I don’t burn them all at once, though, usually just 1 or 2 max at a time.


      1. Ha! Aldis are now in Va. So far, I’ve only seen one (corner of Indian River and Kempsville if you still remember the area) in Va Beach, but I’m not sure how many are in the state.


  3. 1. Honestly, at this point in mi vida loca, I don’t know what brings me joy. Then again, I am a half empty kind of guy. If I’m happy, I’m always thinking about what sh*tstorm is around the corner. Actually, maintaining my lawn recently has been bringing me some joy.

    2. I guess it depends on how much. Are we talking a little blush and lip gloss/lipstick or full blown glam (eg contouring, fake eyelashes, crazy amounts of mascara, etc.)?


    1. I read your post about your lawn! Having something that brings you joy is incredibly important.

      Not full blown glam per se. She loves eyeliner but she only wants to have the “wing”. And lipstick. Lots of lipstick!


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