What do First Graders do?

Besides the first grade draft (which is blogged about here), I officially have a kindergarten graduate. Turns out some parents were highly irritated their child(ren) didn’t have an actual graduation ceremony. It’s kindergarten, not college. Sheesh. My philosophy is the more we “graduate” our children, the more they become desensitized to the accomplishments that led to them walking the stage. Seriously…what do you do to graduate kindergarten? Answer: show up, don’t be (too) weird, and attempt to learn. Sounds simple to me.

But I digress. Mini has grown a few inches, lost a few teeth, and learned to read and write. She’s kind, thoughtful, and has a very real sense of right and wrong. She also loathes celery. Her friend-making skills are exceptional, too. To me, this is what kindergarten is all about.

Same wreath, same mini but taller

And she’s excelling at ballet. Her very first recital is in June so she and her classmates took their official photos a few weeks back. Adorable. Her opportunity to pirouette across a professional stage has resulted in many man-hours and dollars dedicated toward her craft. Not to mention the “parent dress rehearsal” and “costume rehearsals” I’ve been a part of. Those tiny tent things are super claustrophobic. Next year she wants to participate in jazz/hip hop. Help me. And send cash. Where are the inexpensive activities?

Anyway, the year has somehow flown by; feels like I blinked and ta-da here we are. Mini is excited yet nervous about next school year because she says “I don’t know what first graders do.” When I said first graders learn even bigger words, she began to rub her head. I feel ya. She has summer homework, too: read 30 books before school resumes in August. I definitely think she’s up for the challenge. The real question … is everyone else?

little brown curls

Update: she lost another tooth the last day of school. If the Tooth Fairy is a stock option, I suggest investing.


I ask you –

Any words of advice for a first grade mom?

If you have children, what are their ages/grades?

She didn’t get grace from me. I trip over air.

3 thoughts on “What do First Graders do?

  1. You got first grade correct. It’s just kindergarten with more structure and formal schoolwork. Mine finished K during the pandemic, then started 1st grade at home with me. That was interesting.

    You already know how old my 8-year-old is since I comment all the time. 😄

    Mine has stuck with dekhockey over ice hockey, which is a $2,000 savings for us PER YEAR. Ice sports are expensive as hell.


      1. The gear, the ice time (somebody has to pay for all that HVAC equipment to cool it 24/7) and the demand for it. There’s only 25 rinks in western PA, and 2 million people.


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