Cue the Frustration!

You can’t reason with someone who is having unreasonable feelings.

Presumably anyone with anxiety

Season 7 of Grace & Frankie streams at the end of April. Don’t come at me with your Vietnam War comments. I’m well aware of her previous publicity. Everyone makes mistakes. She’s an actress. A great one. Life goes on. In related news, I’m sad this will be the final season. I have laughed, cried, and lived with this show from the beginning. It’s a riot.

Image Credit: Netflix

On the subject of movies, have you ever heard of “Top Gun”? Rumor has it there will be another movie premiering end of May. It’s only been rescheduled two, three, five times. I’ll believe it when I see it – and I do plan to see it opening weekend. Iconic in its own right.

Last week, whilst changing phone service providers, I had an ‘I’m becoming my parents’ moment’. Turns out my phone was too old to transfer service properly so I needed a newer phone. The phone was only 5 yrs old! I probably frustrated the young assistant manager with my blank stares and horrific sticker shock. He handled it well. Then I spent the remainder of the evening and some of the next day trying to log in to all my regularly accessed apps. You know, like my blog. You’ll all be pleased to know I’m now the proud owner of some fancy contraption that can call Mars and will most likely spontaneously combust in my hands. Oh joy.

I lost my check in record of 960-something days and 3 cities’ progress

In an effort to tie this semi-random post together, I’m soliciting for a director to write and produce my life story. Must work for free. The content is self-explanatory and abundant. All you need to do is follow me around for a week before you realize this could be the easiest job ever or you run screaming for the hills.

The cost of phones these days is exorbitant. Did I mention pro bono?


I ask you –

Are there any upcoming movies or shows you’re looking forward to seeing?

When was the last time you bought a new phone? What did you pay??!

But seriously – I need a director. I’ll pay you in stressful moments and fancy coffee!

5 thoughts on “Cue the Frustration!

  1. I’m sure the new Top Gun movie’s new volleyball scene will hit different than 1986. Us old men get boob sag not matter how much we work out.

    My son doesn’t let me watch movies, because he doesn’t let me sit in one place for more than 30 minutes.

    Phones are a necessary evil. Like vehicles. You can’t win with them. Money out the door, no matter what.

    If I had a biographer to tell my life story, they would call it, “Boring: The Larry Kress Story”. No matter how much free stuff I would provide, this would be the title. Maybe, “Get Off My Lawn: The Larry Kress Story”. Maybe.


  2. Yes, our Jane has come a long way since “Barbarella” and the 80’s leg-warmer thing. My recent favorite of hers is an ensemble called “This is Where I Leave You.” Maybe I’ll check it out on Netflix or something.
    My phone is probably smarter than I am at this point. I have enjoyed the snippets of your life so far; carry on!


  3. -After seeing Tina on Broadway, I would not mind seeing The Temptations (if it’s still running) on Broadway.
    -Last time I bought a phone was Oct. 2019 (prior to that, I think 2015). After a workout, I randomly walked into a Verizon Wireless store looking to upgrade because my phone’s battery was crap, and Verizon had a really nice promotion on iPhones. I went home, dragged the hubby out of bed, and we both went to the store to purchase our new phones and plans. Primary reason: It was time for an upgrade anyway. Secondary reason: we going to Hawai’i during the last week of Oct (this is why I remember the month), and I wanted a phone that would stay charged for a significant amount of time. Crap, I do not remember how much we paid. But, I do remember that I received a nice chunk of change for trading in my phone. Believe it or not, I’m pretty good at keeping my cell phones in good condition (even without a case).


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