The Hard Stuff

I’m not saying I know everything about a lot of things, but I do know something about a few things. Now, the hard part. It’s my belief people need people. Even the introverts, even the ones who dislike people on a general scale.

Where Did This Come From?

During one of my many moments of thoughtfulness, I found myself considering how my life has changed since I began volunteering with different organizations. Please don’t misunderstand – most of these opportunities presented themselves in such a way my thought was ‘I’ll just help this one time, get it going, then slowly drift away’. Worked great, as you can see. Now, most, if not all, of my spare time is spent shuffling from activity to activity and wondering how did I get here?

I love what I do. But sometimes it gets tiresome. From working with youth and children at church, to leading a Freedom course (for the 4th time), to holding the Key Spouse position at work…it’s a lot. Even when I’m grumbling about all the things I have to do, I mean it good naturedly.

Why Continue?

Because it gives meaning. It gives value. It teaches others. It shows my daughter she can be a meaningful part of society just by giving her time. Our most valuable resource, in my opinion. To be something for someone who is struggling or needs a listening ear is immeasurable.

Volunteering isn’t about us. It’s about others. Tell the presses! It means giving back to your community, your neighbors, people you may never know. The opportunities are nearly everywhere – I guarantee if you can’t find somewhere to volunteer your time, then your eyes are closed and you live under a rock.

So why is this “the hard stuff”? Because people are either open to it or they’re not. I’ve heard it all.

  • I don’t have time for myself…I can’t volunteer to another.
  • Why is no one volunteering to help ME?
  • I already have plans to (fill in the blank).
  • It’s only available on Saturdays at 8am.
  • (Check your heart and remember the last time you didn’t)

People need people. Have I said that already? We do. WE DO! Volunteering isn’t about you; it is about what you can give. Don’t tell me you have nothing to give. From organizations like the Boy Scouts to a local, work-related team, someone, somewhere, needs your help.

I challenge you to find just one group and get involved. And if you can’t find something, then create and lead one yourself.

Make a Difference Monday!


I ask you –

Do you currently volunteer?

How often do you find yourself with spare time on your hands?

Tell me a story of helping someone!

7 thoughts on “The Hard Stuff

  1. I love this post, and I know exactly what you mean by getting involved and becoming “stuck” (my words). Sometimes, I’ll get an email that says something “we are looking forward to you participating in . . . ” Then, I’m like CRAP, I completely forgot that I signed up to do X, Y, Z.

    Whenever I tell folks about my volunteering activities, they are like where do you find the time. For me, it’s pretty easy to find time because I do not have kids. Also, I think that volunteering just has been a part of who I am. Well, maybe high school had something to do with it because we had to do 100 hours of service (over 4 years) in order to graduate. Since I have been used to volunteering at 13/14 years old, I kind of kept it going during my undergraduate years, graduate years, and beyond.

    For the most part, I volunteer with various organizations in order to help out folks who may not have had all the opportunities that I have been lucky to have. Recently, I’ve learned that some of my volunteering experiences have given me additional skills that have supplemented my resume/CV. Once a hiring manager told me that my resume stuck out because he saw that I had volunteered with the Ali Forney Center, which is an organization that helps LGBTQ+ teens (often kicked out of their homes) gain educational and job skills.


    1. This is amazing – you are amazing! It really changes how you view the world when you’re a part of something bigger than just your immediate surroundings.

      And the help and attention others get as a result of your volunteer efforts pays off in their lives. Thank you for everything you do!

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  2. Yeah, I guess my introvert self needs people. I guess….

    My son doesn’t allow for much spare time, but his dekhockey coach asked me to be the assistant, so this is my current volunteer position. It is working right now, the kids seem happy with me. I did the same when they needed a soccer coach for U6. Again, me becoming an extrovert type A for an hour or two. I hated it, but I loved it.


  3. This immediately made me think of the song by Cain….People Need People. 🙂 Thanks for the push to look for a place to volunteer.


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