‘When the Going Gets Tough’

I’ve been studying a daily devotional called No More Unglued Mama Mornings. This 5-day plan may very well be one I go back to again and again. Thus far, my favorite line has been – “I can’t own this situation and let it throw me into frantic, fix-it mode. I let the consequences of their choices scream, so I don’t have to. I have what it takes to be the mom!” I am the mom! It references “immature leadership” many times and I feel so drawn to those words because if those words aren’t pointing directly at my mini, next to stubbornness, nothing else is.

Driving to the school to register my mini for kindergarten, I felt the familiar stirrings of anxiety unchecked. No need to ask why. It was quite apparent to even oblivious me. My sweet girl has been concerned about not being able to make friends, what to do if/when someone says something mean to her or her friends, and many other uncertainties concerning being social. May I remind you: she is a social butterfly and has never met a stranger so I feel this whole situation is mute. Nonetheless, I hear her fears loud and clear.

Because – big reveal – I’m having the same ones. As ridiculous as it may seem, I’m dreading having to interact with her classmate’s parents. My problem (well, a laundry list of them) is I am an observer, a flower on the wall, a sit in the back and wait for it type of girl. So my butterfly baby forces me to take center stage and jump right in. Why couldn’t I be blessed with RBF? You know, resting b**ch face. Then I could quietly blend in. Oh, and I’m a brunette which naturally makes me more approachable. Research it. Truth. I’m doomed.

the face that screams “come talk to me!”

In related news, I am already good friends with the mom of another young lady who will also be entering kindergarten at the same school and I do know the mother of a young boy in the same situation. With 3-4 kindergarten classes, I don’t know the chance they’ll all be in the same class but it did make me feel better knowing I know a few parents there.

In closing, I leave you with this: yesterday’s mess can become today’s message!


I ask you –

Are you approachable or considered standoffish?

How often do you feel unglued?

Care to share your favorite motivational statement?

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