Old Macdonald Had a Farm

Still running, still training, still finding funny stuff to share with you all.

people with funny bones

On today’s episode of crazy things you find in Texas, let me introduce you to exhibit A. When running isn’t going your way, slow to a crawl and find humorous photo opportunities. Guaranteed to make you feel less guilty.

I have so many questions

In a society of “let’s name everything!”, why should anything be exempt? We name our land – hello, Kel’s Corner -, our creeks, our pets, and, sometimes, even our alternate personalities. No judgement. You should try it sometime. Join the club. It’s fun in here.

no yellow lines

You know you’re in the country when road lines cease to exist. It’s just you and 2 ditches. Thankfully for me it was a dry day and I could sit in the middle of the road, prop my phone up against a water bottle, and snap photos to my heart’s content.

my new friends

Have I ever mentioned my deep-seated love for cows? I once raised a cow named Bluebell. Yes, you’re accustomed to my jokes, but I’m very serious this time. When I was a little girl, my dad would let us bottle feed the calves on our farm. There was an innocence to growing up around these huge animals. Sadly many children today don’t know a thing about livestock or where our food comes from. I intend to ensure mini knows all about it. Shouldn’t be too hard: she already prefers animals over people anyway. Problem solved.


I ask you –

Why did they name it Shit Creek? Side note: have you watched Schitt’s Creek? Hilarious.

Ever bottlefed cows?

Tell me you understand where the food you eat originated. Please. Don’t let me down.

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