Not all Sacrifices are Difficult

In typical holiday fashion, lately there has been a lot of food. But wait, there’s more! Some might say I picked the worst time to begin a restrictive eating routine; at times I may agree. But the fact I’ve located a few migraine triggers and have lost a few pounds makes me believe it has been worth it.

there’s been a lot of this
and none of this

Admittedly I didn’t have a lot of faith in myself to give up sugar completely. I have blood in my sugarstream. Fortunately for me, the perfectionist won that battle. It was sort of a game. Can you go 2 days without sugar? 5? Upon the week mark I was feeling a little cocky – I hadn’t really been challenged yet. Bring out the big guns. So when PMS hit with a vengeance and Aunt Mary Catherine’s world famous blueberry pie was offered, a meek, unsteady voice emerged from me and quietly said “No, thank you.” To be honest, I don’t know whose voice that was or why she was allowed to speak. As I calmly watched others imbibe in the pie I love so dearly, I knew I’d done the right thing but did it have to be so damn hard?!

my newest addiction

I continue pushing forward. Life goes on. Is this lifestyle for everyone? Let’s hope not! But I can live with giving up some things if it means lessening the severity and/or frequency of migraines. ‘No, thank you’ is much easier than ‘Mommy can’t right now, her head hurts’.


I ask you –

Have your holidays been full o’plenty?

Sweet or salty? What would be harder to limit or give up entirely?

Name your guilty snacking pleasure!

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