Let’s Talk this Out

Don’t shoot the messenger. Or the thinker. We could all do some more of that. Unpopular opinion w/ justification: in a conscious effort to shop local and do more to support small businesses, I’ve taken notice of these businesses in my area. However, social media has brought to my attention those who sell items for companies like Arbonne, Mary Kay, etc. state people should support small businesses like them.

Insert some appropriate photo here. I really didn’t know what to do with this post. Winging it again.

Please understand I’m not saying they don’t deserve support or you shouldn’t patronize their business. I’m just confused if they qualify as ‘small business’? Are those who work for the company required to pay taxes or license their business? Are they an LLC? I have my own thoughts on the business schematic of these companies, but that’s neither here nor there in this post. Am I really supporting the one who sold me these items or are they a small fish in a huge pond and I’m truly funding someone’s pink car fund?

Surely I could research all this on my own; this one time, I prefer to ask the questions and garner input first. Besides, my readers’ opinions are important to me. Am I just being ugly and inconsiderate? You can say yes. Truly I feel genuinely confused. Not uncommon. Have I got this all wrong?

‘Tis the Christmas season. Eat, drink, and be merry! And support whomever you want – it’s your life.


I ask you –

Have you ever been a part of a business like this?

If so, did you consider yourself a small business?

Name your favorite small business or local shop! Any place selling coffee!

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