True Stories

In my line of work, I spend a large part of time examining footwear. No, you can’t wear flipflops in the gym. This prompted the following thought: have any studies been done on what footwear crime victims are wearing? Because I see many people wear footwear they can barely walk in let alone run, so there needs to be a standard established. Personally, I won’t wear anything I can’t run in. Because there’s no shortage of kidnapping attempts on my life.

In a bizarre string of events, the above photos tell a story of someone (someones) with a twisted sense of humor. I’m loving it. First, there was a dead hog on the side of the road. At least a week went by. Then, suddenly, there appeared a balloon stating “Feel Better” tied to its bloated carcass. No thank you. At least another week passed before mowers came through and I don’t want to speculate on what happened to the dead hog or its cheery balloon but both disappeared. Fast forward another week later. Now, there’s a homemade and painted cross with the inscription “RIP PIG”. I have no idea whose brilliant idea this was; however, I’m very much invested and feel as if maybe I should contribute with flowers or a rosary or some other memento. Why is this not a thing?

Ugh. It’s that time of year again. You know what I think? Oh, do tell, Kel. GS cookies should be sold before Christmas, before Thanksgiving even. So when we’re (I) am struggling to figure out what to gift, I can choose a simple option, like cookies. Sure, I can spend hours making treats and packaging them in cute bags, etc. but it would be awesome if I could give the gift of Girl Scouts!

I both loathe and adore Girl Scout cookie season. Send help. My willpower is garbage.

Last minute update, as of Monday:

I swear I didn’t do this! But I wanted to!


I ask you –

Are you aware of any footwear-related true crime stories?

Should I pay my respects to the hog?

Tell me your favorite GS cookie(s)!! Caramel deLites and Lemonades!

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10 thoughts on “True Stories

  1. Are you aware of any footwear-related true crime stories?
    -I guess this is not really a crime, but more of an annoyance. It gets under my skin when other runners (running store sales associates) feel like they have to dictate a shoe brand. Everyone is different. Just because Hoka works for Person X, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for Person Y to wear New Balance.

    Tell me your favorite GS cookie(s)!!
    -Thin mints (after a few hrs in the freezer), Trefoils, and the Adventure ones. While I love GS cookies, I have to say that the shipping and handling costs have gotten out of control.


    1. I’m in agreement with you, Kos! I like suggestions, but that doesn’t mean it’s rock solid information. Sales is such a pushy industry.

      This is the second time I’ve heard of freezing thin mints and now I definitely must try it. I imagine an Andes mint but better?

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      1. For as long as I can remember, my mother would freeze Thin Mints so I guess it just became a thing for me. Since mint already has a cool taste, I guess freezing makes them better bc there’s an extra blast of cold freshness.


  2. I think most serial killers wear sneakers but not sure lol. I did hear of someone murdering people in women’s shoes and not sure how they got away in them.


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