Graphs and Grudges

By the time you read this, I’ll be neck deep in all things resiliency. Which is a much needed break from…nothing. It’s a break from nothing.

Considering I practically sold my soul last week in order to create a bar graph in excel. Then I traded a byline on my dissertation to two people to create every graph I’ll ever need. For being as smart as I am, I’m really dumb sometimes. I have to leave something to others. You’re welcome. Write thousands of words? Done! Not become catatonic analyzing a spreadsheet? So sorry, I’m not the girl for it.

further proof I’m a whackadoo; credit: momsbehavingbadly via Instagram

After watching YouTube videos, phoning a few friends, and emailing the professor, I finally realized one mistake I was making. By correcting it, suddenly the numbers at least made sense. The chart part was still elusive though. I’m still not convinced I did any of this assignment correctly.

On the bright side, I am one class closer to graduation. Last week, I finished my first class. Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. A tad frustrated at my professor’s feedback, but I guess I can get over it. No one will remember my frustrations in a few years anyway.

Not even me. Maybe. I’m good at holding grudges.


I ask you –

Do you know how to create charts and graphs in Excel? Do you have time to teach me?

Exactly what is the best advice for the windshield conundrum?

Grudges: thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Graphs and Grudges

  1. -Yup. I know how to make charts and graphs in excel. Let me know if you need help. Actually, I might have a Zoom recording for doing some things in Excel since many of my Biology students did not know how. With Excel, I find that playing with the features (when/if you have time) is the best way to learn.

    -Advice from my dad from back in the day: Do the opposites. In warm weather, turn on the AC. Cold weather – heater for a bit, then lower the temperature, then the defrost button. In both cases, turn off the air recirculate feature. Back in the day, I remember he used to put shaving cream on the windshield to prevent fog. I’m not sure that this is still a thing. 😉

    -Today’s rant/grudge: I couldn’t find fireplace accessories (pokers, brushes, firewood holders) in THREE brick & mortar stores today.


  2. I took an Excel class and work, and it helped a lot. There are tons of courses online, and I’m sure you have all the time in the world to take on them, lol. For the windshield, I always use AC in the winter on warm.


  3. 1. I used to Excel at that went I was in school.

    2. I always run the defrost warm on low from when I start a vehicle. Never have foggy problems.

    3. Grudges? I’m a Scorpio. I’m a pro at grudges.


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