I Am Woman!

Not many might find it appropriate or desirable to discuss sensitive, personal topics in such a public forum as blogging. I’m not many though. As my gray hairs seem to be increasing and my realization that other bodily changes happen/will happen over time, why not go ahead and write about it now? Clearly rhetorical.

Photo by kat wilcox on Pexels.com; Anybody seen the movie “Bridesmaids”?

Warning: if you have no interest in feminine psyche or issues, you may close this post now. If still reading, you’re on your own.

I’ve had a menstrual cycle for over 25 years. It’s been a learning lesson, to say the least. Every few years, there are small changes but nothing dramatic. Yet, as I’ve aged, I’m able to recognize what I need during the different parts of my cycle. Of course I knew what the cycle names were and most of the symptoms (for me), but I didn’t fully embrace how to prepare for these changes especially in terms of exercise and “self care”. (I don’t love the words self care because, in my opinion, it’s just another buzzword.) Self love is nice though. Anyway, I’m fascinated by my mind and body and its capabilities.

I remember being a young girl who felt like all the responsibility of adulthood snuck up on me so quickly. The birds and the bees conversation never really happened so I was stuck figuring it out as I went. From cramps and tampons to reproduction and birth control and how this all tied into life – what a chore. But I owe it to my own daughter to help her navigate it all. In order to do so I must find what works best for me. Before she peppers me with questions.

Forgotten where I was going with this. Please hold.

Oh yes, exercise and cycle syncing. Thankfully, our bodies tend to follow some intrinsic patterns. For the most part. It does get a little wonky at times, as does most everything in life; however, I know when I feel my best, when I feel like something is “missing”, and when it’s time to throw in the towel. Kidding. I don’t know that. Learning to practice more self love during certain parts of the month is an endeavor I’m embarking on. There are many other athletes who practice nurturing themselves when the going gets tough and it has been a true eye awakening experience to watch it unfold. I love when women cheer on other women. So, for now, I intend to attempt a form of cycle syncing to see where it takes me. It can’t be too wrong because any opportunity to drink tea and take it easy when in the throes of the cramps from hell is my game.

As my best friend Sam says, “Throw chocolate at me and run!”


I ask you –

Any insight into syncing the menstrual cycle with exercise or athletic goals?

Did you even know this was a thing?

Name the last thing you threw at someone! Socks at mini.

10 thoughts on “I Am Woman!

  1. Have you read ROAR by Stacy Sims? I started reading it, then got distracted. But it’s specifically about training and nutrition for women based on our constantly changing hormones.


  2. Hey Kelly
    The one thing I have done is to explain to both my daughters of how my body mind and spirit start to change right before I would start my cycle…I become a different person, I would experience anxiety, anger (lothe) towards a random person,( who i dont hate) just that one random person who probably said hello to me….I know! Its crazy. Then of course my body was tender and achy, also, I would become clumsy, my driving and coordination was horrible.. i became extra forgetful and very overwhelmed with life, work, breathing lol. All these issues right before my period would drop like a tsunami rendering me weak and felt like (death became me).
    Soooo that brings me to my girls. Whenever, the simplest of things would happen to them and life felt unfair and they felt like a nervous break down coming on and start crying or feeling physically ill, I would simply ask. “Are you getting ready to start?” They would look at me with, wait! what?? Dang it mom yes!!! Then proceeded to actually feel better knowing that they were okay and not having a major life crises. Now that they are grown women, they catch it themselves and realize 🙄 oh brother, I need to get over myself, lol and not ask for a divorce, quit a job or key the car next to them.
    Also, drinking less caffeine, Pamprin (not midol) a brisk walk help before the flood gates begin!!!
    Love ya


    1. Thank you, Carol! I have made a promise to my mini that I will explain everything to the very best of my abilities when that time comes (and probably before because you just never know when it will). Our bodies are so amazing yet they deceive us or we forget what they’re capable of.
      Your humor is exactly what I needed! I love you, too!


  3. -I do not know much about syncing the menstrual cycle with exercise. I’ve seen it discussed in a couple of marathon training books that I’ve read over the years. However, I skipped those chapters since I do not have a menstrual cycle.
    -Probably throwing/passing my husband’s rolling papers.
    Have a great weekend!


      1. Random trivia: It takes human males about 3 months to produce mature sperm. How do I know this? At one point in my life, I was an undergrad summer research intern in a research lab that was trying to develop contraceptive vaccines for men and women. Perhaps, I should put experience with extracting mouse testicles on my resume.


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