Creativity + Projects

One of my New Year’s thingies (that’s the Greek word for whatever word isn’t resolutions) is to stop telling myself and others I’m not creative. And when I have moments of self-doubt, I remind myself of all the times I was creative.

Like when I refinished this entire wooden chest. Including removing hardware, it took several months because I couldn’t decide on what finish coat to use. And I think it was cold, too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

disregard the dust – it’s hard to clean around the butterflies

Or when I repainted and reassembled this tired, wallpaper-ensconsed RELAX sign. Seriously. Wallpaper! It was hideous.

honorable mention: fake flowers

Don’t forget the time I decided to make my own poster as leader of yet another Freedom group. Early birds get the Word! I’m on a role for all time leadingest Freedom group leader, currently at 1.5 semesters. It’s a thing. The 6am group rocks it!

still needs work

The snowstorm threw a wrench in our starting date plans, but someone smarter than I decided it was always a good idea to give us a few spare weeks in case of emergency. Or blizzards.

I’ve also successfully kept up with two calendars for going on 3 months! My work calendar has become a lifesaver and my home calendar is extremely motivational. I tend to overlap lots of events just because it’s fun to write in them. Paper or keyboard, writing is my thing. And mini’s crafting desk is always a source of inspiration. Truly it’s an anxiety-producing nightmare, but let’s be positive!

I’m positive it gives me anxiety! There’s glitter everywhere. And these foamy ball things for slime that stick to every-effing-thing. Let’s not forget the paint. Ohhhhh, the paint. Ugh.


I ask you –

When was the last time you created something?

Are you known for being crafty?

I’m team no glitter! Agree?

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