Drinking from a Broken Cup

I got this idea from Bossy Babe in her post The Lonely Block to check out the following website: London Writer’s Salon. I love following other bloggers who come across other avenues or groups to write in besides the standard local library group (not that there’s anything wrong with those).

Essentially, there’s a writer’s group via London Writer’s Salon that meets virtually throughout the week. It would be so nice to connect with other writers and just be. Wholeheartedly, I want to complete my book this year. And I know an amazing woman who is publishing her first book soon so she’s been a valuable source of information on what to do/not do. I shall pick her brain like any good friend would do.

mood improvement techniques

Since I’m not running, I guess now is the best time to get started on cover art, contents, and publication challenges. Really, though, this walking thing is garbage. My mood sucks, my digestive health is blah, and I’m still fighting to get into PT sooner than March. I’m going nowhere at the speed of my government-approved desktop computer. Good thing my building has no windows. I need to run!! My first question will be this: can I at least cycle? Give me anything more than walking! In related news, the constant pain is mostly gone. There’s only twinges and an occasional achiness now. Yay progress!

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Somehow I’m still maintaining a book a month. Don’t get excited, Kel. It’s just February. Recently I finished Matthew Mcconaughey’s book, which I originally purchased for my dad but he loved it so much he gave it back to me to read. The writing style was unexpected; however, it was a great book and I could hear his voice with every line. I remembered a time when I had “the drive” each day…I would listen to books on Audible. My favorite was listening to Anna Kendrick narrate her own story. Some say we bear a resemblance. Her sense of humor has me snorting laughing. Perhaps that’s our only resemblance.


I ask you –

Have you ever published a book or some other publication?

What’s the last book you read (or listened to)?

Share some reading suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Drinking from a Broken Cup

  1. What is the book about that you are writing? I had no idea that Anna Kendrick had a book! I must check it out because she is my favorite.


    1. It’s a cross between a murder mystery and an autobiography which I realize now makes me sound like a serial killer but I promise I’m not!

      Anna Kendrick is my favorite, too. I did the audible version and hearing her read it was a riot!


      1. I love murder mysteries! They’re my favorite fiction. I never do audio books, but I might have to make an exception for Anna Kendrick!


  2. Hey! Thanks so much for the mention! Have you attended any sessions on LWS yet? I think they’re so great, I always feel so focused and productive after a session!
    The last good book I read was Katie Courics memoir. She has some really juicy, interesting tales in there but the thing that stuck out most to me was her message to everyone: we all have stories to tell, we must share it!
    Good luck on your book! That book by MM has been on my TBR list as well!


    1. I haven’t attended any…yet! But I wrote down the dates/times in my planner so it will happen soon!

      Katie Couric’s book is also on my must read roster. Glad you enjoyed it! Sharing our stories is how legends live on!

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