Stranger Things

…have happened.

My workplace is offering a class on how to deal with stress. Upon discussing possible attendance at said class, my co-worker stated she was offered the same class at a different job, but the class was cancelled. Cue the stress jokes. How does a class on being stress-free get cancelled?! The whole incident just speaks of stress!

I was approached at my desk by a kind woman who was having some computer issues. She explained she is accustomed to using Navy-supported technology resources. Upon further discussion, she explained she’s from Charleston and works with SPAWAR, now known as something else I continue to mispronounce. It was so nice to chat with someone who understands Navy lingo. Toward the end of our conversation, I secretly hoped she would have to use me as a verification source for her account just so we would another opportunity to speak about Navy stuff. I don’t miss it. Just sometimes.

From another source: “I’m sure most of you saw that former member of the Monkees singing group, Michael Nesmith, passed away a few weeks ago. Maybe their heyday was long before many of you were born. The Monkees were the TV answer to the Beatles in the mid-1960’s (I can recall watching each new episode each week); whereas the Beatles were known as the ‘Fab-Four’; the Monkees were the opposite as the ‘Pre-Fab Four’, a made for TV group, and though the Monkess could play instruments, all the songs were written and played by studio wizards like Neil Diamond and Glen Campbell and the Wrecking Crew. When the Monkees got their way to play their instruments on later albums, they fell off the rock-world. Mike Nesmith enlisted in the USAF and took his tech training as a B-52 mechanic here at Sheppard in the 1960 timeframe and was assigned to Clinton-Sherman AFB, OK. As a side note, his mother invented Liquid Paper, the correction fluid used extensively in the typewriter days.”

Never have I ever… considered I would be starting a new year without running. It feels lonely, like watching everyone get on the bus to do something fun and I can’t go. If you’re sick of hearing me talk about how I can’t run for awhile, then keep scrolling. But seriously. I feel genuinely left out. Strava has no problem reminding me of upcoming or current run challenges. The Facebook event tracker rubs it in even more with their stupid ‘your friend is attending race whatever’. Oh, shut up!

And I’m over here with my yoga and walking. Be so jealous. Did that stress-free class ever get rescheduled?


I ask you –

Would you attend a workshop on stress management?

What are you doing for fitness goals in January?

Note: I only posted about the Monkees for the final sentence on liquid paper because it was so random to me.

4 thoughts on “Stranger Things

  1. A class on stress management sounds stressful. I would rather attend a roundtable discussion of randomness with a bunch of pizza. Now THAT would be stress management.

    I finally lost the Christmas weight, since running in Pittsburgh at this time of year sucks. January 12, and I’m down to 170 again. I got down to 164 in the summer…WHEN I WAS RUNNING! 😞🙂

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  2. I recently made a concerted effort to include a chair massage booth at a convention of school principals, but the organizers chickened out. I think stress management is important, but it has become obvious to me that one way to reduce emoyee stress is to deal with the issues that are troubling them. Also, I really bristle up at employers or mentors who give out “survival kits” that contain mostly junk food! As you can see, I have strong feelings on the topic. You must build stress management into your daily operations, and not slap it on with a trendy workshop! Kay. Shutting up now.

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  3. Would you attend a workshop on stress management?
    I have in the past and they were hit or miss. Sometimes, you’ll get some nice tips on managing stress. Most times, the workshops (if they are virtual) will give you time to catch up on work emails.

    What are you doing for fitness goals in January?
    My goals: a half marathon on the 23rd; running (or very slowly jogging) at least 2 miles a day; intermittent fasting and better portion control.

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