Things: Likes/Don’t Likes

-the food edition

Corn. I like corn. Especially the sweet, buttery, salty corn I remember growing in my parent’s garden. But not corn on the cob. I’m that girl who cuts it off the cob. I don’t know why.

Anyone else eat pea salad? Only my mother and sister. And me! Not mini. She’ll eat plain sweet peas, but once you add additional ingredients, she abandons ship. More for me! I like to experiment with pea salad. In the photo below, I subbed pico for the traditional onion only. It was superb, in my opinion. And since I’m the only one eating it, here we are.

Keto is as restrictive as you make it. So when I’m on that proverbial wagon, I don’t eat much fruit. But I love fruit!! This is why…training season can be so much fun. I eat all the fruit I want. Besides kiwi, there’s not a fruit I don’t like. Some I don’t necessarily love – that’s ok, too. Peaches, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, bring it! In fact, I recently bought so many peaches I had to slice and freeze them because they would have rotted before I ate them all. Since I’m on a smoothie kick, I thought it was a great idea aka cost effective to buy several pounds worth of peaches. In my defense, several pounds of peaches really isn’t that many whole peaches. And I saved money. Take that.

Recently I tried cheese curds. Ugh. The word “curds” grosses me out. Which is probably why I’d never tried them. I remember living in Pensacola with my Navy friends and some would order cheese curds at Buffalo Wild Wings. They’d rave about how great they were; I would refuse to try them.

Bricktown Tap House

Fast forward a lot of years later and they were on the menu at a local restaurant near me. HOLY CRAP! Why didn’t I try these before?! They were amazing! It was like cheese wrapped in funnel cake batter. Heavenly! I’m a cheese curd convert.


I ask you –

What’s a family food you grew up with? Was it yay or nay?

How much fruit do you eat daily?

Name fruit you do/don’t like. I forgot about pomegranates. I don’t like those at all.

5 thoughts on “Things: Likes/Don’t Likes

  1. I have never even heard of pea salad and I’m sorry I read this to learn about it today. Sounds amazingly awful! And the funny thing is I love peas. Any meat dish that has brown gravy, that’s served with mashed potatoes and gravy, I have to have peas. Also here in New Orleans to raise money, especially on Friday’s during Lent, they have what’s called “Suppers”, where they sell food plates. A common one is fried fish, potato salad and peas. I love that.


  2. I adore a good pea salad, and I can eat buckets of it if I’m not supervised.

    I don’t eat corn on the cob, either. I used to love it as a child, but then I had to wear braces on my teeth for a while and I wasn’t allowed to eat it. Once the braces came off? I apparently developed some sort of phobia, and ever since I can’t eat from the cob. It weirds me out.

    Cheese curds can be pretty swell, if done right. Have you ever tried poutine?

    As for fruit, I can’t really think of one that I don’t like, although I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting or maybe haven’t tried. My personal favorites are probably grapes (especially frozen ones, in the summer), pineapple, berries (all kinds) and melons, especially honeydew and cantaloupe.

    Okay, I think I’ve babbled enough… 😉


    1. Poutine is something I haven’t tried – and I need to overcome a word phobia because that word creeps me out. I’m sure it’s delicious though!

      Thank you for babbling, Brian! And reminding me how much I love frozen grapes! Do you have a preference for green or purple grapes?


  3. I was (well still am) a remove the corn off of the cob person.

    What’s a family food you grew up with? Was it yay or nay?
    My mother’s meatloaf, baked chicken, and pretty much everything she made for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas brunch. I loved my dad’s fufu and peanut stew (W. African cuisine).

    How much fruit do you eat daily?
    Does wine count as fruit? 😉 I do not eat enough. Since starting my to my 21 day fix plan, I have been aiming for 4-5 servings a day.

    Name fruit you do/don’t like.
    I’m not a fan of coconut and banana when it has been manipulated (e.g. banana pudding).


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