Marching to the Beat

My how the tides have turned. Are turning. Being turned? Right. Whatever.

As I begin to order leotards and make plans to purchase ballet shoes, I realize it’s definitely happening. Where has the time gone? The writing was always on the wall. Mini has had an interest in dance and performing arts since she exited the womb. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, Kel. Close enough. Her little body moves and sings of its own accord – her joy is nearly palpable.

(I own no rights or credit to the music)

Who knows where it came from, but we all try to encourage it. I’m not tone deaf, I can follow – everything else is 50/50 – and I know nearly every Frozen/Moana/Brave/other mainstream Disney movie song. Sounds like success to me!

The toughest part, in my opinion, is nurturing her love for a sport (activity) I didn’t experience as a child. We’ve had the discussion about commitment aka if I pay for this, then you’re going to have to commit to it for the duration of the lessons. I was met with an “Ok, Mommy” knowing full well there will inevitably be a struggle somewhere down the line; I’m prepared. I remember playing softball as a kid (I sucked, btw) and begged to quit halfway through the season but my parents encouraged (explained harshly) I would finish the season. It was a good lesson to learn.

Ballet shoes and tutus

“Start and end with a positive and encouraging note; but have the courage to deal with the issues.” Much like any conversation: if we firmly, yet gently, encourage our children then the bumps in the middle are just par for the course.

Where’s that parent manual I was promised?!


I ask you –

Did you catch my (few) sport references?

What’s your advice for encouraging an active child? Dan, I know you’re reading this!

Best guess on how many pairs of shoes she’ll run – no pun intended – through in a season! 4!

2 thoughts on “Marching to the Beat

  1. Hopefully, your little girl will stick will stick with ballet if she likes it.

    I remember wanting to take up swimming back in my middle school days. Unfortunately, my mom could not take me to the 5:30 am practices. 😦 Then again, I did suck at the few practices that I could attend.


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