Boots to Books

Back in the book writing business! Nothing like a midnight conversation to peak your interest in returning to a story. Just when I felt like perhaps I would always be at a standstill, I’m presented with an alternate ending. Now that I think about it more, did I ever decide on a title? I’m getting there.

Photo credit: Dina Nasyrova

  • Never have I ever – considered aspects of slander and libel before writing a book.
  • Never have I ever – felt driven to complete something so definitely my very own.

Requesting information from the proper sources takes time. If I was smart, I would have done this 2 years ago and be ahead of the game now. Alas, my plan wasn’t really a plan at all. I just thought I’ll write and see where I land. Who needs visual aids anyway? Speaking of which, I need to double back on this and figure out where my request went. No news isn’t always good news.

Some time ago, I saw a request for 25 pages of an unpublished novel to gauge a publisher’s desire to read more. Maybe I should look into it. What if I wrote under a pseudonym? Ehhhh, it loses shock value then. And we can’t have that! What happens if they do publish me? What happens if I ever actually find a publisher for this book? A good publisher would market the book for me, right? How do you not know how any of this works, Kel?

Update: I have a book title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It came to me unexpectedly. Short of sharing it (yet), I can tell you it fits my de facto writing theme and my story. The little things always have a way of finding us. Promise to share more when I can. For now, the teaser will have to do. But it’s not really a tease if you get nothing. Sorry! Though I can honestly say the book is not about running.

Late addition – I always thought Hallmark was the end all be all of greeting cards. They have everything! The wax poetic’ers for every occasion. For some reason, though, no one has created an ‘I’m sorry a tree fell on your house’ card. Guess I’ll just have to make my own. Honey, you had to have known this would make it to the blog. And I still haven’t located an appropriate card.


I ask you –

How much motivation would a motivated person need motivating if a motivated person was motivated? Say that fast!

Pseudonym or no? Why or why not?

Eyeballing a 2022 publish date. Because I don’t have enough on my to-do list.

One thought on “Boots to Books

  1. I need/want to write a book or two also! I actually decided (again) this week that I’m going to do it. I need to write a book sharing the story of my life. And I want to write a novel. Both have a few starting pages. I just haven’t followed through on continuing.

    And pseudonym or no, that’s a good question. Hmmm…. it’s fun to have the mystery of being under a different name. But it’s also fun to have your own name on it so it is known that YOU did that! Such a big decision!


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