Finally found – it wasn’t really lost – the 2 missing dumbbells to complete the set. Now I can begin doing a full workout in the prescribed time instead of half, then alternating sides. It was nothing more than an annoyance so no hard feelings. It’s not like I was really doing much anyway.

I vaguely recall a time where I was able to mix cardio with strength training and actually make it work. Let’s see. Circa 2018 or so. Never too late to get restarted! I’ve used running as an excuse to not lift and vice versa; whilst knowing full well the secret is their complimentary relationship. My struggle has been letting go of a number on the scale. Really need to address this. So I’m refocusing on what makes me feel best.

For some reason, thinking about the gym reminds me of an amazing woman named Geri. She was the food bank director when I worked at the gym in Oklahoma. We just clicked. She was hilarious and always had a listening ear. During one summer, she was getting ready for a female relative’s upcoming wedding, so she asked how to use the stand up tanning bed. I explained, got her set up, and went about my way. Weeks later, she told (showed) me how she was able to get the perfect tan for a backless dress (I may have the details wrong, but I know the dress was more open toward the top). Returning to the tanning story – she demonstrated how she’d use whatever top she was wearing as pants while tanning in order to prevent anything more than her ankles and top getting tanned. Not sure why this sticks in my subconscious. I recall laughing hysterically at her preciseness. She was so great. I don’t know what has become of Geri. I looked her up (stalked) her a few times, but no dice.

Credit: hardcorecomedy2.0 via Instagram

Hello, from this rabbit hole. Anyway, I think I’m probably not eating enough which is why I go through these crazy binge/restrict phases. And, once a month, my hormone swings are enough to drive anyone insane. Not so much the emotions, but the cravings and complete lack of self control. I really gotta get it together. To date, myFitnessPal is working really well though. The tracking functions are simple; I haven’t had to manually enter any foods yet either.

Has anyone seen Geri?


I ask you –

What size dumbbells do you own? Any missing?

Have you ever used a tanning bed?

If you were Geri, where would you be? Probably hiding from me.

5 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. Oddly enough, my roommate in high school paid for a tanning bed membership for me for three months because she didn’t want to go alone, but her and I never ended up going together…


  2. I don’t have missing dumbbells at the moment but I do have a story about dumbbells. A few years ago, when my kids were much younger, they enjoyed getting my dumbbells and stacking them in different ways. However…they always failed to put them away when done. One night I was quickly walking through my living room and full force slammed my toes into a metal dumbbell. I legit broke my toe (maybe more than one) on that dang dumbbell!! I could not walk on that foot for over a month. (I think it may have fractured all the way down into my foot because it was definitely more than just my toe in pain. I have had those dumbbells completely out of sight ever since. Lol


  3. The butterfly option on my weight bench bored a wider hole on EACH side, which made them null and void. I guess 20 pounds on each side was too much for the bench? IDK. Now I need some dumbest.

    I went tanning one time with my one ex-girlfriend, and I can see why people fall asleep in them. Very relaxing, but I guess I didn’t feel purty enough to go again.


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