Failed It!

I think I intended for this title to be about something serious. But I’m a child. And I lost my train of thought. Instead, the following is my spin on the common phrase “nailed it”.

speaking of trains

It doesn’t really bother me too much when I’m stuck at the train tracks. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo when I saw two trains passing each other at this same intersection. Also, I laughed a lot when a car behind me backed up to the prior intersection and went the other direction, presumably because they didn’t want to wait. But I don’t think they paid enough attention to notice they went the direction the train was going instead of waiting with me, i.e. the intersection I was at would open sooner than the direction he/she went. Patience is a virtue.

Credit: hardcorecomedy2.0 via Instagram

Have I ever mentioned my mug shot philosophy? Surely? Just in case, here goes nothing. If arrested and in the position of having a mug shot taken, I firmly believe you should give it your best face forward! Now, I understand when you’re arrested, you’re probably not in full makeup and a ball gown; however, if given the choice, you should attempt to fix your hair. At the least. Bald male? Just smile very big. Problem solved. To sum it up, in the court of popular opinion, always smile in your mug shot. You never know what potential juror may see it. Just my two cents. The guy above? He looks happy and probably didn’t realize they were magic mushrooms. Maybe he was trying to make chicken marsala.

one thing is not like the other

In a genuine, please-help-me-get-it-together effort to basically get it together, my goal is to do some sort of strength training for 10 mins daily. Forevermore! And instead of waiting for the usual start day (hello, Monday!) I got started as soon as the thought hit my mind. On a Saturday! As those usually not too difficult shoulder presses began being very difficult at rep 2 of set 1 – I chalked it up to weakness. But as I laid… hurled…the weights to the floor, the culprit became quite apparent. Me. I am the culprit. The one who can’t read. No wonder these measly weights felt so heavy on one side. Then, the perfectionist inside me made wrongs right and completed the next set with opposite unequal weights. Because balance is so very important.


I ask you –

Which of the examples above is your favorite fail?

How many times have you smiled in a mugshot? Do tell!!!

Tell me your own failed it story!

2 thoughts on “Failed It!

  1. Lifting with different weight amounts sounds like a fun brain challenge. Every time you do a rep, your brain’s like, “WTF?!?”

    I haven’t had a mugshot yet. I guess that’s something I should work on with traveling outside of the United States. I just have to remember not to combine these two, especially in Eastern Europe.

    My favorite fail story? I have so many, I could write a blog about them…probably already did with a few of them. I can’t remember. It’s cold and I’m old.


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