Making Strides – Not the Literal Ones

The results are in! I won’t be running anywhere for…awhile. Trust me, I’m devastated. After further instructions to do nothing but rest for at least 4 more weeks followed by lengthy physical therapy, I have resigned myself to doing just that. Well, except for those few minutes I attempted to bargain some “active rest” by way of cycling, but was quickly reminded this type of rest is literal. No exceptions.

view from the ground

Good news: I can walk! Albeit a hobbling “walk”, but a walk nonetheless. Sans crutches. Sans a walker. haHA My medicine cabinet looks like that of a much older, more frail human being and I’m now the proud owner of various compression garments. I also own an assorted collection of massaging tools, as well as something called “Spray and Stretch” which turned out to be a very cold spray-on analgesic. Not convinced on this one yet.

sorry about the language, but it’s too good to not share

In contemplating the future of my running habits (perhaps I’m a little too dramatic), I believe it’s important to chart out the many possibilities.

  • I can’t run again
  • I can run but with some pain.
  • I choose to do something else.

As someone who enjoys goals and making plans – here we are. I do think I’d like to explore cycling more. Remember, that was originally going to be my cross training activity. Instead, I ran and ran and ran and never cross trained. Hmmmm maybe that’s the problem. I’m an ‘all or nothing’ kind of goal setter. To my own demise. Fortunately, I work with and know several cyclers so I will talk with them. Living in the founding city of the largest and oldest cycling event ever, it shouldn’t be too hard to get set up if that’s what I want to do.

Credit: jmstormquotes via Instagram

Problem solved and there wasn’t even a problem!


I ask you –

Beyond strength training and swimming, what other “sports” could I substitute for running?

What was your last injury?

Tell me your goals for 2022! Walk without pain.

10 thoughts on “Making Strides – Not the Literal Ones

  1. Resting and PT suuuucks! But I dig your idea about cycling. It was my first love before running. This year I want to get in more time on the bike as well.


      1. I usually go by mileage on a real bike. I try to plot out a route on my Garmin first to get an idea of the elevation profile. Most of the time I either do endurance or lolly gag and enjoy the scenery, but waaaaay back in the day I did some intervals as well.


  2. I haven’t found a substitute for running yet. I enjoy it that much. I deal with not being able to run by living in the crappiest running weather town in the United States–at least for 5 months out of the year. The trash weather lets me know that I’m not missing anything outside.

    I hurt at least somewhere almost all the time. I get knee tendinitis at least twice a year. Good times.

    2022? I feel like it’s going to be a lot like 2020 and 2021 for me. So much potential, but so much of being stuck at home. I’m preparing for disappointment, and looking for positives.


  3. So sorry to hear about your injury! I for one am looking forward to hearing about your experiences of following doctors’ orders to the letter! Just sayin’


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