What It Means to Blog

5 Things bloggers wish they could say

I couldn’t not laugh when I stumbled upon the above article. Couldn’t have said it better myself either! Here’s the deal: yes, I have a full time job – two if you count keeping a small child with an adult vocabulary and defiance like her mother…where was I going with this?…oh right, I keep that mini human alive; yes, I love to write so you could infer this blog is simply my hobby; yes, I ‘only’ publish a new post twice a week – but do you know what goes into these “just two” posts a week? Do you know what any of this takes?

I’m not pointing out how you may not understand. What I am doing is saying there’s more to this than type a little, insert a few photos, and wham bam a blog writer I am. Oh, a writer I certainly am!

The difference in being a blogger vs a writer is probably only a few words. Get it, get it. Perhaps being labeled a writer sounds more sophisticated whereas bloggers are a dime a dozen. Trust me when I say this isn’t true at all. From the post content to the stat analyzation to the photo taking to the all the extra publishing on other media platforms: it is work.

Now I’m sure none of my loyal readers have ever considered bloggers as opportunists; however, opportunities do come from capitalizing on various opportunities. To my understanding, this is where monetization comes into the picture. I, too, am hopeful one day I can make money from writing. So I don’t get overly upset when I have to scroll through ads or other tidbits before picking up the remainder of what I was reading. If it works for you, who am I to to say a thing? Previously, before starting my own blog, I did make money writing articles for someone else. It wasn’t much but I learned what to do/not do. Then I became my own boss!

In other words, there may be a time when these posts seem a little longer because I choose to advertise. Please excuse me while I seek out said opportunities. I’ll be over here “just” fulfilling a dream.


I ask you –

Do you find yourself irritated to scroll a little farther down when reading a news article or other post?

What opportunities are you seeking in your personal or professional life?

Wham bam a writer I am!

8 thoughts on “What It Means to Blog

  1. You ARE a great writer and so fun to read, especially when something has you peeved. ( small child w an adult vocabulary and defiance like her mother) I’ve read how others make a passive income writing about things that others want and get traffic that way. Check out side hustles. You tube channels are monetized as well. Keep up your great work. Ms. Fumes!


  2. Enjoy reading your writings!
    I can see your hard work and talent Kelly!You’re definitely not just flying by the seat of your pants, God Bless Sis


  3. I personally don’t mind scrolling further down, it’s the blogs that make you click through a ton of ads just to “continue reading” that grind my gears. The opportunity that I am pursuing now is getting myself set up for a post military career. That in itself is a marathon… I love the blog, and happy to see your same old quirky yet witty personality come to life here!


    1. Agreed! I don’t want people to jump through hoops just to be able to read. Chad, I’m so excited for you to start a new chapter after the military. You will succeed as you always have! Can’t wait to hear about it!


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